I might have an escort problem...

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Mattew, Jan 13, 2019.

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    How long is your streak so far? Noticed any difference yet?
  2. Homelander

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    Yes, already after two weeks my sex drive and energy was sky high and my erections felt very different(hard and more on auto mode).

    However, I kinda relapsed twice last week.
    1. Had to masturbate (no porn) because my fat balls were hurting me all day.
    I cycle a lot and its very painful.
    2. I had phone sex with a tinder date.
    I did not want to ejaculate but let it all go when she told me to cum together.

    Now, i feel terrible again. Low energy and drive. I will stop masturbating for now, but am planning to see this girl next week for real sex. I'm still worried my PIED will pop up, but I will tel her about my ED in order to lower my nerves and maybe we can do an extra long oral session or karezza sex.

    But no more masturbation from now on, because edging also causes my dophamine receptors to fire.
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  3. tcnumba108

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    Thank you for sharing, it’s very encouraging to hear this. I’ve tried and relapse on so many occasions but this time I’m determine hence why I signed up on this site. I was a casual lurker before but it’s really affecting me now. I’ve used to relapse and substitute porn with sub porn such as sexting, erotic reading/writing and even convincing myself watching solo female porn. I’m determined to cut all the sub porn as well but it’s difficult since any kind of porn/sex is so accessible these days.

    Any tips on what you do to replace times when you have urges?
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  4. Homelander

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    I stopped watching porn videos about 5 months ago and it was surprisingly easy. However i deluted myself by fapping on images and porn clips in my memory every 2 days. Although it was still better than before, it did not really got me anywhere.

    So after reading many nofap threads i went for the hard mode and will only permit myself real sex.

    The only thing that helps me to beat the urges is to wash my dick with cold water at the sink and to make my day so busy(sports&work) I dont have the energy to think about sex.
    I also deleted facebook and Instagram, installed a big porn blocker(pi hole) at home. This helped a lot.

    But in order for me to get real loving sex I have to do some sexting with a girl.
    This girl has been sending me many hot sex stories during my work and I instantly get hard when reading them because Its tailor fitted to us and has all the nice sex acts I love doing with her.
    I know this girl can get me really hard, but I'm also concerned I might blow out my load when we are doing 69.
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  5. tcnumba108

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    Thanks for sharing, I have a problem with sexting/reading erotica now that I’ve stopped watching porn videos. Even when I’m not sexting, I’m thinking about it now and it gets me aroused. I’m not sure how to stop myself from thinking about it and part of me is convincing myself that “it’s only words so it’s harmless” but I know it’s wrong still since like you, it’s a lot like edging yourself which causes dopamine receptors to rapidly fire as you said.

    I hope it goes all well when you meet her in person, by the sounds of it, you two are really into each other. Please keep us posted! :)
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    how you get 160 days of hard mode , i have the same problem with escort than you , the only different is i had got sex with the normal relationship , but im kind addict to sex when i dont have gf im going for scort hooker or wherever and when i dont have money im going to masturbation , porn dont call my attention too much , i can fap with remember of an ex girlfriend or any escort but i never got 160 days of hard mode ,
  7. peglegb88

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    I have a problem with escorts too, I've substituted porn for message and sexting with escorts. I've been to a prostitute about 10-12 times in 2 years, I lost my virginity to 1 at 21 years old. I don't have any friends. I struggle mainly on weekends, during the week I'm usually busy enough with work and stuff to keep my mind off them.

    Has anyone got tips or advice to reduce urges to see escorts?
  8. HeartsOnFire11

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    I have a escort living on my road, I just go to her and she's cool
  9. JoeinMD

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    Escorts are serious addictive shit and not about anything that's ever near a healthy or nurturing relationship. It's also as objectifying woman (and worse) than P is, in my opinion. I'm surprised it's not on your radar of important transgressions to cause reset. You know it's a problem, but you don't react to it like a real problem, which is why you'll get deeper into it more and more still. It will destroy any real relationship you'll ever engage in. Better to be healed and clean of this for your next relationship's sake or even for a better and whole relationship with yourself.

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