I missed the whole point

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. Hello brothers, Ive changed my life alot but sadly after 3 days it quickly went into ruins. Soon before then i was back to the old ways but even worse. Today i almost got into prostitution with an girl but i realized i have an Girlfriend, i love. I confessed it to her and made me feel ashamed but she forgiven me. But after she went to bed i saw an video that made me open my eyes and realized IVE MISSED THE OLD POINT! I was persuring success and freedom not Christ. Freedom became my obession - an idol. Thats why i wasn't going to get better no matter how much scripture ive read or do the reason i ive failed is because im running to Jesus. Ive been focusing the battle more than Christ which is stronger. Today i came to say dont focus on success or freedom. Focus and persue God because he is the all mighty God. Im Im going to clean up my act and repent. I suggest watching the video its very useful.

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