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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by pantuflasdecoco, Aug 1, 2018.

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    I'm starving for direction in my life.
    I feel lost because of so many posible paths (as 'first world problems' this sounds)

    Things is, I have too many interests.
    But at the same time I feel I didn't commited myself really at any activity.

    I finished high school at 17
    then I entered college for studying Philosophy, I droped it at 3-4 months

    then I started studying Japanese in several places and I thought of devoting my life to its study, that was like 3 years and I got tired of it I guess

    at the same time at 18/19 I started a career at a Conservatoire where I'm still studying for becoming a piano/music teacher (I play piano since 14 y/o)

    then this year after so much doubt about concluding or not this career I started a career in audiovisual arts, (Cinema, although with an orientation in Editing)

    Now I'm 21
    and I'm doing these two careers (Conservatoire and Cinema) but I feel I want to drop everything

    Also last year and this year I've been being part of a literacy program in a shanty town in my city. I'ts been a really significant experience in my life till today.

    This resulted in this situation where I'm doing these 2 careers but I only feel passionate about literacy education. So I began to think about starting another career about primary school education or something related, but I don't know

    I don't know what I want, I feel so lost

    I need a direction, an actual focus on something and stop being so diverse, ending doing almost nothing in each thing.
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    think of what you don't want to be doing in life and then work backwards from there.
    e.g. you don't want to be poor, so you got to make sure you pick a career that is hiring and earns enough.
    you don't want to be stuck in the rat race, e.g. in an office so pick one that is vocational and you work outside.
    imho studying Japanese is not practical. Is there a large japanese factory where you work? you could probably study it as a hobby.
    Audiovisual arts may be interesting. But is there a career in it? What kind of fees do you have to pay?
    You need to do the math.

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