I need advice on how to stay on the nofap path

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Kataboi, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Hello everyone. I need good advice on this whole nofap thing, I've tried at most seven days of nofap and it seemed to work. But sadly I got back into my porn addiction and relapsed over the next year. I am pretty miserable, my social anxiety is really fucking bad. I can't even hold a conversation with my dad and I feel like a giant pussy all the time. I gey nervous and speak with out confidence and I'm easily intimidated by everyone. I have incurable depression and ive tried almost every anti depressant one time or the other and still haven't gotten any relief. Out of this desperation I tried nofap again and the most I went was 6 days i think. But I didn't notice the benefits like when I tried it the first time. I only noticed a slight energy increase but nothing that noticeable. I'm ready to just give up on life, I'm just a lonely guy who doesnt have friends or motivation for anything. Sometimes I think I just want to die but am to scared to ever commit suicide due to my fear of death. I'm just stuck in this eternal lonely limbo with no light at the end of the abyss. I just need good advice and someone to help me out in my time of need. Thank you fellow nofappers
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    To start, I believe you can do this! We are all in this together man. You will get past this but you are going to have to do somethings that are painful and uncomfortable.

    I can’t make you do these things and neither can your dad, your therapist, your dog or the hottest woman in the world. It is up to you to own this challenge.

    The first thing I want you to do is stand up straight in your bedroom and say out loud “I am done with PMO. I am better than this. That is not who I am.” Say that Every morning as soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed every night. This will help prevent PMO from occurring in your bedroom at times you vulnerable to PMO.

    Second thing is get a gym membership and become obsessed with working out and eating right. Go on bodybuilding.com and watch tutorials to learn correct lifting form and teach yourself cooking as a skill. These will go hand-hand with building confidence with your looks, keeping yourself occupied, and give you added motivation for semen retention.

    Next quit the hot showers and go for the cold showers. This will create an added element of disipline, eliminate the risk of M while showering, and give you a whole source of health benefits while increasing the dopamine in your brain which you will need once you hit the flatline (which you will and it sucks but it’s infinitely better than where you are now).

    If you do these 3 things every day for a week you will feel much better and when you get that urge to PMO you will think twice before falling for that trap.

    But remember this is YOUR choice to continue living like this and feeling like this way. Not anyone elses.

    Good luck! You are going to crush it!
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    I'm new here, but thank you for this information, I hope it can help me along the way, I am recently starting college and I hope with the less free time I have I will better manage myself with PMO. Thanks!
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    I'm new here as well. I spend a majority of my time on this site. NoFap in my head at all time leaves no room for fantasizing.
    Relapse starts with a single thought that is allowed to reproduce.
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  5. @Kataboi, first off welcome man, everyone here at one point or another has felt something similar to what your feeling now, even if it may not seem that way. You’re not alone. You might feel alone, I know. You might physically be by yourself right now, but you are so far from alone in your struggles with porn or masturbation. This entire community here is going through the same thing and a great many of us are here to help. You reached out and now here we are. Be proud of this_ getting here, coming back is worth something.
    Your actively taking steps to change things for yourself_ that’s worth something; and that’s more than so many do in this world.
    When things get us to our breaking point, it’s a sign. A sign that things in our waking life are not inline with our true selves, things are not in line with where we want to be. I know it feels awful. Embrace it. Your living my friend and the initiation into this life is suffering, persistence, and adaptation. Feel all of it. Feel the low feel the hurt and the pain, feel the let down and disappoint. These things are showing you- YOU ARE ALIVE.
    Now that you are alive and in pain these is only today; you cannot change the past but you can learn from it. Allow yourself to.

    If you want it bad enough it will happen for you, but it’s gonna take persistence and the will to fail again and again and not give up. Your success will be in direct proportion to your ability to overcome your failures. Now that your know that, be thankful for your failures. If you listen to them they can be your biggest lessons and greatest motivators.
    Rest- reset- and tomorrow begin again: that’s your only really option.
    No more looking back, and when you face hard times-because you absolutely will- embrace it. There’s your chance.
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