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    I have been doing Nofap for about 2 years. I started out extremely addicted to pmo. I gradually got off it over the course of 6 months (it was rough). about a year ago, my highest streak was 57 days, followed by 20-30 day streaks for another year. I ended up literally fapping Everyday from june to now. I hate it. Ocd and other issues caused it. I honestly wouldn’t say I’m ‘rock bottom’ I still feel like I’m far from where I was when I started. But I still have some rebooting to do.

    I was about to m again but I just stopped before I got it out but I was thinking of stuff and looking at stuff on my phone.

    Do you think I should start fresh and full on pmo or would I be fine just leaving it at that?
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    Hey how are you I have been on NoFap for couple of months but there is a lot of help if you feel bad anytime just talk to someone who is online and when you are sleeping please leave your phone in another room this help me a lot too just tell your mind to choose either to watch porn and get away from your God or stay with him? Ask yourself but even if you make a mistake try again Never give up bro I am with you
  3. Like you said, you are far from when you started. Every day, week, month is a small step. Even in a long relapse you do not start all over again.

    To have some sexual thoughts and to do some daydreaming about girls (or boys) is completely normal. However, I would advice you to not look at stuff from your phone, it is still stimulation for your brain and an instant gratification.
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    Seems like youve made alot of progress bro, just keep fighting the good fight.

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