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    Hello guys, Im day 5. I did an 19 days streak but i relapse Which i regret but yeah I have had done it, So cant go back the time. So i quit from Femdom And cuckold Like is not my mind anymore. I mean if i see a porn video with femdom or cuckold my D Of course will turn on but slowly. which im on a good road I guess. The problem is I have foot fetish Which i really like it I have no problem with having foot fetish. Im not one of those weird who goes out and stare at feet. I mean sometimes yea but for 1 second and done. So the problem is i think Like 2 hours every day Feet. Well i dont want to fap and even when thinking about feet I dont Fap Idk but feet Doesnt turn me to Like GO FAP. its just Is there any way To control it just to not thinking it like 2 hours everyday?

    Im 17 year Old. I dont want to quit From Feet fetish i really like it. i quit from femdom and cuckold cause its Weird. but foot fetish i love it, and im not shame of it

    thanks for your time guys
  2. When people abstain from thinking about sex, and porn, and fo a long time no even fantasizing they realize their fetish disappearing, your fetish might be innocent to you now but is harmfull, and it will lead you to many relapses, but the good thing is quitting fetish is less harder than quitting porn.

    how to quick fetish? Treat them same as porn,stop imagining them, stop stearing at women's feets, fight these thoughts like you fight pmoing, and you will get better at it quickly, 2 hours will become 1h30min soin 30 min the soon 1 thought per day, soon 1 thought per week, then you’t need to imagine feets to feel aroused, feets are attractive but a whole women body is attractive not just her womenly parts, this will start to show as you longer streaks and you will like the new you.

    another advices is dont edge, or fantasizing, this caused chaser effect, which will leader to eventually relapsing sooner or later. Edging and peaking and fantsizing, is like an alcoholic quitting drinking but gies to a the bar with his friend and holds a beer sniff it licks the side of the glass and puts it at the table, you think he’ll have a long streak :) ?
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    Just focus on leaving addiction. Things will eventually stabilize. Of course on some things you have to work, but many things just disappear and you don't even care about many things when you see the world without all this junk.
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    you right man maybe its harmfull and i dont see it... thanks for your advice man
  5. https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/the-secret-technique-to-never-pmo-again.301816/
    your welcome
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