I need an AP for something a bit special - Exchange proposition (20, F)

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Anne-Dauphine, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Hi baes. I have kind of a special request. Long story extremely short, I'm neck down in debt, trying to lose 20 kilos, and I also am the most unconscious person about money you'll ever know.

    I love to set myself challenges and I have one in particular. I found that I am absolutely unable not to spend money for more than a week, and for absolutely USELESS stuff. And I feel like a relapse afterwards. It sucks.

    I want to abstain from spending money, at all, for an entire week.

    In addition to this, my program is to buy on Sunday everything required to eat for the entire week, and basta. Nothing else. Target = healthy.

    I am not able to do this alone yet. I need someone to talk too about it. If you are interest in following my progress, I'd be glad to share my thoughts. As it absolutely isn't the main point of this forum, I'd perfectly understand if you weren't interested.

    In exchange, I'd do the very best I can to help you quit. I'm Catholic but absolutely respect any religion or lack of. I'd take this extremely seriously.

    Hit me up whenever you want, thank you so much for reading :)
  2. htgk11

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    Hey there...
    i know its hard what you're going through..
    i joined this website mainly for my PMO reasons but i can surely advice you something...

    i used to go to gym alot, i loved being healthy but then things got shitty and everything went haywire.
    if you are really wanting to cut down on your expenses AND your weight, i suggest you make a proper diet schedule...
    Personally i used to have a fruit+milk diet plan...it helps to cut down on expenses in food part and also is really healthy...plus if possible use your time in exercise..like gym or running...it will keep your mind off shopping and spending money...

    Good Luck!
  3. IGY

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    I have always had a morbid dread of debt, so I have never been in any. Seriously, Anne-Dauphine, not even one whole pound! So, with regret, I cannot help you with this. If you don't find an AP, you could start a thread in the off topic area and even a general discussion might throw up some viewpoints of note. Good luck :)
  4. bharad

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    Hey i'm into dieting and saving money as well!!! I'm doing exactly what your trying to do, do let me know if you need an AP.

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