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    So I started touching my self around 5 years ago I think and so I loved the feeling. I would be like the neighbors new dog, if able to hump it in a way I would. Then I started going for smaller objects so I could do it in my room, so I tried many things and shoes seemed to be the best, so I did that next, but it had to be girl shoes tho. Lucky my sister had these one pair that she never even knew she had, these very nice slippers. So when my parents weren’t home I would try to hump my sisters legs, which she is only 8 months younger but still strong, so every time I did this it would end up with me ejaculating in my pants why she is very mad. I would usually annoy her. So after a few months,(I don’t want this to sound like I’m celebrating this) I “stepped up” my game and I was able to get her to rub her legs on my groin without even knowing. Message me if you want those details. So she doesn’t really mind this way because she to hurt me a bit, which back then she seemed to like a bit. So after all of this when I’m 16 I realized I also have a decent foot fetish, but not like in your mouth kind or smelling toes, or licking no, I just wanted them to rub my balls and kick them. My god my dreams were not your average for being 16. I would fantasize my sister kicking my balls and just doing random stuff to me. But it was more like domination tho, Because she would keep me in a position where I couldn’t escape and my parents would come home in X amount of minutes. So she would keep me there and in a way force me to cum and she would get me in huge trouble. This is what I Dreamed about. Like you don’t think about your sister like that. NOTE I Just realized how big this was and how much detail there is, I’m going to make this short because I don’t think I should be sharing all of this but I want help soo badly. So to make the first part quick I used my sister to make me cum sometimes. I wanted her to use me. I told her that when ever you get angry I would let her kick my balls, just to relieve the anger. She never did because she was afraid to hurt me, she had big feet back then and still long big feet, with strong athletic legs. After I realized what I have done to my sister, I started to watch YouTube porn in a way, then went up the rank till I would watch porn, before then I would read stories and look at images. I got to more kinks from all of that which was head-scissors, and full out domination. So instead of my sister using me I would want her to make me her slave this time, make me her bitch and just the entire thing. I wanted her to make me feel worthless and helpless. God Everytime I would see a cute girl back in 2016 so would start thinking about all the crazy stuff, and also if their feet were showing also. Being dominated by the foot was everything for me. My best friends sister, who I never saw anything about did get my attention by wearing there thick flip flops and these Leggings that would have a patch of two missing, got I would fantasize and try to act them out. I felt like shit for thinking about her my Best friends sister. Even to this day I would still love for her and my sister to team up to put me in headscissors and to knock me out and kick my balls at the same time, while also humiliating me. I have told my self this many times if just once my sister could kick my balls once and then put me in a headscissor I would be done with all of that. But knowing what I did to her 4 years ago she wouldn’t. I don’t want to use anyone as a fetish. But my body just loves the feeling. Should I just ask my sister to try this on my once, if so how should I do this, she is kinda easy to mess with and easy to get mad. I’m 18- while she is almost 18. So yea. Or should I just try something else to end this addiction. I just want to feel what the people feel. I’ve tried many things hitting my balls but I want a girls bare foot to just hit me. I want to be dominated like I said before. Here’s the thing I want my Sister and my Bf Sister out of the picture(killing them is not what this means in this context), is there a way I can do that, or is there a better solution to this addiction of being dominated.
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    There is a whole genre of porn that I have never thought was real until I read your story. I apologize I don’t mean to make fun this was— unique.

    When I went to therapy I remember the doctor told me that whatever people focus on during the orgasm they tend to fixate on. He told me this story about this guy who would pmo with his boots on standing up. He said after a year he couldn’t orgasm unless he saw boots. I remember saying to myself “bs.” But now I see he was being truthful.

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