I NEED HELP: A sticky-noodle like while urinating (10th day)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HQ2629, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. HQ2629

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    Hello everyone,

    Now I am in the 10th day

    From the 6th day as of now, I observe a tiny white (not clear) viscous drop exiting my penis especially when I wakeup.

    I already posted my problem in detail, and a got some replies.


    But here is a new problem, I wish you can help me;

    Yesterday (9th day), when I was urinating, I was feeling some particles going out with the urine, these particles were not visible but they were felt. Then, when I was about to finish, I felt something inside my penis blocking the urine from flowing, and that caused heaviness and discomfort ... I just shake it without squeezing to extract what is inside ... then pipppp .... something sticky-noodle like (with white (not clear) colour) went out, it was around 1 cm long (the texture was exactly like the slime).

    I am having blue balls (not continuously) and the feeling not too much bad as I experienced it a few months ago. This time having less discomfort. After that slime got out, I felt light and the blue balls feeling went away, immediately.

    Now again I am having not so bad blue balls. It is ok.

    My concern now:

    1- Did anyone experience that kind of discharge when urinating or other times? If yes, in which day?

    2- How should I deal with it? Must I visit the doctor, or that is a normal thing when nofap?

    Any help would be really appreciated. THANKS!
  2. Saythatagain

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    Completely normal man. It's like congealed cum and I can't explain the exact reason but I think it's a wet dream that never fully starts not your body was ready. It freaked me out at first thinking I had an STI but no it's normal. As long as you don't have a full blown, uncontrollable ejaculation while driving down the road like I did I think you will be ok. More recently we were riding bikes with the kids and I felt similar sensations and semi panicked, lol. Your body will do some strange and amazing things.
  3. Healed!

    Healed! Fapstronaut

    When I first started NoFap, I had a very similar experience at about the three-week point. Never happened again after that.
  4. HQ2629

    HQ2629 Fapstronaut

    Thanks for your comment dear, just wanted to ask, "very similar" means also something sticky-noodle like and having slime texture and white colour? Or just normal white liquid?
  5. Healed!

    Healed! Fapstronaut

    Just as you experienced. Thick, slimy, not clear, could feel it moving through my urethra.
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  6. HQ2629

    HQ2629 Fapstronaut


    Hope will not happen again for all of us.

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