I need help i am about to relapse

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by MrMXMo, Jun 4, 2019.

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    I have quited pmo for 31 days now and by doing this i can say i am compeletly anew person now
    This is some of the changes
    1- more brave
    2- making eye contact with anyone
    3- more social skills
    4- not given a f about people apinion anymore
    5 -more passion
    6- noticing that there is girls interesed in me
    7- having the courage to speak to them
    Back to the topic after i got all these super power i decided to get involve in a realationship to help me keep going and to kill my free time and to overcome my fear of talking to girls so i noticed that a girl is looking at me alot and smileing and i begin to likes her so i decided to contact her but i couldnt talk to her in person for so many reasons (arabic comunity +she never walks alone) so fb was the easist way and thats what happend i messaged her and i am 100% sure that she read the Message and didnt respond at all this happened 3 days ago i feel like shit i am begining to wander if all that matter and i am depressed and my heart is broken and i wished if i never get out of my comfort zone i usually pmo at these moments
    What should i do to face this problem without pmo and dealing with the rejection
    Cause it hurts so bad
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    First of all you have no knowledge of why she hasn't responded to you yet. This could be a cultural thing, or she just forgot about the message which happens a lot. You need to understand that you've only gotten stuck with this girl in your head because you've been a recluse. She's just like all other girls, nothing special about her.

    And if she rejects you then respect that and just go out and interact with other girls. Simple as that. The more experienced you get with this kind of interaction the sooner you'll realize that there are many girls out there and they are all pretty much the same. There is no "True love". Get going.
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