I need help! I'm becoming gay no doubt

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Dr Kool-Aid, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Dude relax it was just a dream. Just do PMO for a few weeks and see if you're still gay.
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    I've seen a lot of replies to this post. Everyone comes with their own advice based on experience and quick solutions for your concerns. What I noticed through my personal treatment and realization is that it all drives from the subconscious. What you put in your spectrum is retained whether you like it or not but, it will resurface once you are in deep thought, meditating, reflecting, or sleeping. I have had dreams of similar nature. What I realized was that I like female interaction with male porn. You see male and female genitalia throughout the film, and your subconscious soaks all images like a sponge. They are bound to be brought up within your time of meditation (alone time). Do not be discouraged in your sexual preference, if you are still attracted to women but, you can't get aroused that is not a result in a change of sexual preference. A possibility could be that due to you wanking off too often, your own genitalia is not in coordinance with your feelings toward the opposite sex. There is a possible imbalance within your body due to wanking too much.
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    What do you Mean by the genitalia is not in corda Nance with my feelings towards the opposite sex
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    If you continue to look at porn, just only watch solo female, or look at pictures of females. I’d personally suggest no porn or master bating at least for a week or two. And if you go back only look at chicks, than stop for another week or two. If you wait long enough you’ll be raging for any girl you see on the screen. Best thing would be to flat out no pmo. But if relapse only female solo.
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    Dude: you don’t become gay, you are born either gay or straight (or bi or... you got it). If this Fetish is from prob addiction, it’s the addiction. OR you discover your sexuality. Nothing wrong or to worry about. Just another process to accept. BUT, do no PMO, and look what turns you on after a while.

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