I need help im having physical pain because of nofap.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Digga187, May 25, 2020.

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    So im on day 18 and yesterday the urges were so hard and strong that i was sweating and felt hot af. I trained in the evening and went to sleep just to avoid any possible chance of relapsing. However today as i woke up i felt a pain in my balls, it was like they were full, ready to explode, after that i went for a run and as i came home i got extreme headaches, i had stomach pain and i just feel very irritable and low energy. Ive done a check up in february and im 17 and live pretty healthy so there arent any medical reasons for this. This is the longest streak in a while and im feeling pretty confident about it, but still these kind of sudden problems really make me wonder, what the hell is happening with me. I Thought maybe this is my brain and body just trying to get that surge of dopamine and that i should just wait until it calms down, but i dont know how to go along with this, because it makes it extremely hard to concentrate on anything. Ive also been getting extreme mood swings in the past week, it has been insane. Im feeling completely like shit in one moment, then 5 seconds later im jumping full of energy and feel like the whole world is mine, just go go back to this low energy state and anxiety minutes later. This goes on like this pretty much during the whole day and it has been intensifying with every single day of the streak. My question is how long is this going to keep getting worse and when comes the point where im gonna hit rock bottom. I really had all the possible symptoms during this streak and i dont fucking know what could come next. I just want to go along and push through until i get used to this lifestyle. Btw im on hard mode and i heard that at about 30 days the flatline hits which is when my libido is gonna go away and also my urges. Im hoping this stuff comes as soon as possible because this kind of pressure in my body is feeling really bad.
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    Hey man!! i am feeling the same pain and urges as u said ?? are you out of it ?? did the pain go away ?
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  3. Yup, classic flatline. There's no other way. You just need to go through it. Just like everybody else. I know it sucks, I been there. One thing I can tell you is, I feel much better after a flatline is over. Even better than before the flatline. Power through it.
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    hey man I watched some hot pics , naked pics of girls but did not touch my penis .. so is this a relapse ?? should I start the counter again ??. I feel weak and frustrated ..
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    bruh stop peeking....ur badge says u are on Hard Mode and last time I checked "naked pics of girls" is porn...
    reset ur counter if u want to or dont
    remember that ur counter doesn't mean shit
    practice nofap for life

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    Thanks a lot man !! i am trying really hard
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  7. You should avoid teasing yourself. If you want to quit. Quit it once and for all. No excuses and no looking back. Also you should ask yourself this question, why are you quitting PMO? The motive to quit is very important. I quit because I know how much damage PMO can do to my brain. Once you figure out why is it you're quitting it. Then you will accept that you no longer need porn.
  8. Also nofap isn't about challenge or counting days. It is about understanding the negative side effects. What it's doing to your brain. Then you can decide you want to quit or not. Work smarter, not harder. You don't have to try so hard to quit. you just need to understand what its doing to your brain.
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    Good advice. I totally agree with your approach, it doesn’t have to be a fight.
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    what you are undergoing now is known as flatline period or withdrawal symptoms. it is commonly seen in all kinds of addictions. just like a cigarette addict who stops smoking anymore will inevitably suffer severe bodily and mental issues at one point more or less,such as dizziness, headache, and stomachache. the form of symptoms and extent of discomfort vary from person to person. but the exit from it is the same: stick to nofap and endure it. the pain will ease up and then disappear so long as you reject p and other bad habits
  11. Exactly OI @Ancient Wisdom!

  12. Its going to get easier those are just withdrawal symptoms, just remember why you quit because your brain can go crazy in this period, i felt better when i went out and was with friends, also breathing techniques helped me A LOT during this period. Breath in 4 Secs, hold for 7 seconds, and breath out for 8 secs The longer you do it, the regulated and low your heart beats will be and you will be in much calmer state, tho keep at it because you usually notice difference after 3 mins or so, this breathing technique saved me from flipping the coffee table once at the cafe after my team losing a match i went crazy hahaha x’D
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    hey my friend dont do this type of shit. Because i suffered from it when i am on at 24th day of nofap i feel very confident and try to watch porn without fearing but the next morning i had wet dream and then i relapse this is my biggest loss i regret now because then i started again from day1 and this time i fully focused my aim is 30day then 60, 90. Good luck.
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    For me, it's a relapse. Since you did it conciously. Personally, I consider that PMO is more about porn than masturbation (I am not telling you to go and masturbate). P, M and O work in a holistic way. And if you keep watching porn while not masturbating, you're doing nothing but create a new path of addition in your brain.
    Keep strong man!
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    It's a relapse that yet to happen anyway, you did it once next time you'll just jerk the hell out of it next time.
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