I need help, lack of feeling is killing me.

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    Did any of you guys ever felt like PMO took away your ability to love? 'Cause this is what happened with me. i'm 14 and i cannot love, yes, that's right, i cannot love. The only ones i can still love are my parents, and i'm afraid PMO will take it away from me.

    It is kind of "numbing" me emotionally, i feel empty, like a souless piece of flesh, i was happy, but i forgot the meaning of the world, now i'm so sad that i don't care about anything anymore. And i feel like my sense of love is also being affected.

    I remember the first time i got in love, it was at my 11s, love is such a wonderful feeling, i remeber how it was, she was the most valuable thing to me... but that's before Porn and over-masturbation came... my sense of love was slowly being corrupted, my ideals of what is love really changed, since them, i couldn't love her anymore, i could just desire, before i wanted her whole being, now i just want the body. I remember how love feels like, but i cannot feel it anymore. Now i see every man as a potential f**ker of the girls i live with, and it feels me with rage, and i don't know why...

    Porn is eating chunks of my soul one by one, turning me a colder person with an abnormal sexual drive, i feel like i cannot stay in the same house as a "Pussy" Without f**king it... and this is terrible, it's scaring me, scaring of myself! I'm afraid of that i might attack a girl that is in the same room as me... i'm scared!

    I don't want to be like this anymore, i want to love again, i really do! I want to feel the same thing again, or even better! No more just plain and wild sexual desire! Please, someone help me!
  2. Give it time. "Time takes time."
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    100% can relate. Love for partner (different from love for parents, kids ets) comes from attraction (mental and physical). PMO kills your wiring to real world and you start living in your head, not the moment. Makes you detach from society and ppl. Gives you brain fog and drops your mood. Makes you wired to PMO and women in your head and then all of a suddent you have no drive for real women and thus dont have any interest in them thus, no love can develop. Please dont watch porn and go out and smile and talk to girls. Be respectful and be kind. God bless!
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    Thank you, and i'm also feeling like getting better
    Nobody could say it better.
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