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  1. 18,
    I've just got a couple of questions
    regarding porn induced fetishes and was
    wondering if anyone could help me out!
    So getting right down to it I have an incest
    fetish which I feel could be from porn but
    I don't understand how it works. So in the
    past I dont even know what incest was and
    I couldn't understand anyone
    who would want to do such a thing but
    now that type of porn turns me on,
    mother son, sister brother, daughter etc, but writing
    it now it makes me feel kind of ewwww.. and
    weirded out like I'm sure a lot of you will
    be!. does one get a peticular fetish and then
    find they want to act it out etc. Another
    question I have is because of this fetish
    and the type of videos that turn me on, for
    example mother son, does that mean I
    have the potential to become attracted to
    my own mother? Or is it more likely that
    Itll stay as a fetish in the porn. I get aroused by
    son by example (step mother it always
    says really) doesn't mean I actually want
    to have sex with my mother. This is so
    hillbilly it's unreal! OCD and porn are not
    a good mixture.
    Thanks for your help!
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  2. modernstore99

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    It is common for people to escalate to porn themes they find revolting. Do a reboot, rewire with a normal relationship, and see how you feel afterwards. Many guys, including myself, become able to distinguish between desires that are programmed by porn escalation and desires that are true to yourself

    Is my fetish porn-induced?

    see rebooting basics page

    What benefits do people see as they reboot?

    Do I have to have sex in order to rewire?

    Will stopping porn solve my problems?

    Does porn addiction cause irreversible damage to the brain?

    Why did my porn use escalate?

    Why do porn cues still trigger a rush (sensitization)?
  3. SureICan

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    Yes, it's normal that you want more and extreme porn after a while. Your mind needs more and more extreme porn to get the dopamine shot. Just quit porn and Masturbation and it will get better (slowly).
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  4. g2stop

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    Porn producers know that putting step mom or step sister make it seem a bit extreme but ok, but they want people to escalate to real incest. Stop watching porn and your brain will heal back to normal
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  5. SureICan

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    Yes and if you like P with this kind of fetish in it, doesn't mean you are really into it. You have to reset your mind. First step is quit P.
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  6. Robinthehood

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    Great set of resources, thank you.
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  7. Robinthehood

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    Those scenarios are based on normal sexual fantasies, in my opinion. I had plenty of crushes on female teachers and so on when i was growing up. Probably a lot of older guys would quite fancy younger women, of course they would. The porn producers add in the Incest title to increase the thrill factor. In reality it is just older and younger actors together, no relation, a few rarities aside.
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  8. hollyman

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    this is nice man its true, its just scenario, if u can get a grip on reality that same scenario would not happen in the real world, even if its happen the precentage maybe just 1%

    i once flirt my friend whom her husband is in a far away town (just like porn scenario, husband far away and wife insta horny all the time right?) but its not like that, my friend is ok with it, she had life to live on... like sex is not a must do everyday or can make her insta horny when she didnt had it.... porn is a lie man
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  9. Pornography is a recent issue for me, but by observing people I know who practice it for years it gets worse over time. From what I've seen it leads to homosexual behaviour, and loss of interest in women. I disagree with people who say it's entertainment and that it's controlable.

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