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  1. It has been about two weeks now on Hardcore Mode (no PMO). I'm starting to feel a lot of emotions, specifically emotions dealing with loneliness, despair, and the feeling that my youth is flying by. I'm starting to feel the heartbreak that came from a rejection that happened to me a year ago. I wasn't too big on this girl but for some reason it really hurts me now. I just feel like a hollow shell right now.

    Will I continually feel these emotions throughout my life since I'm off PMO or is it temporary? Will these emotions subside and will I ever get over these girls that I've left behind? I feel like I will never meet a girl in the future...

    Are these the emotions one faces when they are clean? Are they permanent or will they subside?
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    This is great news.

    For a long time you were suppressing your emotions and only recently have they been able to be fully expressed. You'll be more aware of your emotions going forward, but you'll also develop strategies to learn from what they're trying to tell you. All in all much healthier than using porn as a drug to push them away.
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    They come and go and will subside I feel these emotions as well its as though as happy or excited as I've felt I also can feel sad and depressed.

    Honestly its just life we can just remember random things and they can be good or bad things. The emotions are probably partly related to nofap but its really just life. It will pass though and something else will replace it.

    The best thing to do is to learn from it and move on which I know is much much easier said than done so I sympathize with you. I think its the human condition to dwell on moments in life that we felt we could've or should've done better so that we don't make the same mistakes.

    This southwark clip should help
  4. you were escaping the pain perhaps? I am sure those feelings will go away with time.
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    Your story songs eerily similar to mine. I had a huge crush on a girl that rejected me almost a year ago and I've been hurting since. I used to know her from back when I first started college so when I met her again seven or so years ago and kept going to her job to see back came all those emotions from back then. The suppressed love I had. I feel like I'll never find someone and my life is slipping away. I'm here if you ever want to talk. I was so crippled I was bordering on suicide. I quit my med cold turkey and have been cooping ever better surprisingly well since no pmo. I swear it's almost like some strange magic and I have faith in the new practice in my life. Hope that helps as I'm about at 2 and a half weeks.
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