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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Pati_ryu, Dec 29, 2017.

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    I am a nofap user but I have certain doubts on me that check me from completing longer streak and cure my ed and confidence.
    1.is there any chances of testicular cancer by nofap? i heard it cleans bas deferens and thus prevents it.
    2.what should I do to make feel myself good when I am feeling sad?other than pmo of course.
    3.my body shape had been seriously affected due to pmo..I know but I am confused if these manboobs and beer belly is result of pmo due to possible low testosterone level.
    4.will it cure my hair loss and my thin beard.?
    I am becoming uglier and older day by day.
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    1. No, in fact the study that's often mentioned with regards to masturbation helping reduce the risk of prostate cancer is rarely quoted correctly. The study said that older men who masturbated more frequently were less likely to have prostate cancer. It also said, younger men who masturbated frequently were more likely to have prostate cancer. Remember though, correlation is not causation. It's unlikely that masturbation either increases OR reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It's unlikely it has any effect at all. What's more likely is that hormone levels (which are involved in the risk of prostate cancer) also influence the frequency of masturbation.

    2. I don't know what you enjoy, so I can't tell you. I suggest finding some ways to work on yourself. Meditation. Exercise. Starting up a business. Writing a book. Find things that bring you both some pleasure but are also productive rather than destructive.

    3. No, your body shape is a result of carrying too much extra fat. Having higher testosterone will not change that. Only dieting and losing the excess weight will.

    4. It's unlikely that NoFap will have any affect on your hair loss, positive or negative. If you're starting to go bald you need to look at pharmaceutical treatments like Finasteride etc, yes they can have side effects but they're really the only way to slow down male pattern baldness. Once you're bald, it's pretty hard to undo it other than getting a hair transplant, so you need to take action now if you're already losing hair and don't want to be bald. Or just accept it, nothing wrong with having a receded hairline or going bald. Just learn how to wear it.

    4.II as for your thin beard, how long have you tried to grow it? Most beards start out quite patchy, even those that grow full and thick later on. Give your beard at least 2-3 months without trimming or touching it whatsoever, and see what happens. If it's still thin and patchy, chances are you need to wait until you're older to grow a full beard. Or it's possible that it's just not in your genetics. You can buy Minoxidil and use it on your beard area to grow a full beard, it doesn't work for everyone, but it works for a lot of people. However, if you use Minoxidil, you need to keep using it for at least 6-12 months after your beard has filled out, or the new hair won't have had time to settle, and will just fall out as soon as you stop.
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