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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Me12345, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Me12345

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    hi ,
    Am addicted to pornographic and each time I try to stop it just get worst.
    I don't really have real friends/girlfriend.
    do you think if I get a girlfriend I would stop?
    please help
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  2. WretchedBoy

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    If you are addicted getting a girlfriend won´t stop you from anything. It can push your motivation but it won´t keep you from giving in to your addiction. Believe me, I´ve been there.

    If you want to get rid of the addiction, the motivation must come from within yourself. Go, read a few posts in the "Succes Stories" part of this forum. Learn about the experiences of other NoFappers and try to go the same way. Inform yourself about the damage that this addiction does to yourself and then start to work against it. If you really want to stop you will be able to stop. But the decision has to come from yourself and it has to be absolutely honest.
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  3. Me12345

    Me12345 Fapstronaut

    I read some of those success stories and i find out that some of this people engaged themselves in some kind of new activities in order to distract themselves from watching P.

    currently, I don't do anything, am an undergraduate student and our academic staff just suspend their strike 4 days ago.
    do u think it is idleness?
  4. Zur

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    [QUOTE = "Me12345, post: 1901309, miembro: 299021"] hola,
    Soy adicto a la pornografía y cada vez que trato de detenerlo simplemente me pongo peor.
    Realmente no tengo amigos / novia de verdad
    ¿Crees que si consigo una novia me detendría?
    por favor ayuda [/ QUOTE]
    No puedes depender de nadie como una novia o un amigo para dejar esto. Probablemente les hagas daño si el asunto va a mal.
    Sigue intentándolo aunque recaigas, cada día que pase aunque recaigas ayuda a tu cerebro a acostumbrarse al nofap hasta que lo dejes.
    Que te vaya bien.
  5. tIoD

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    Even if you got to have multiple 10/10 girlfriends, it still would not stop. Read this book https://sites.google.com/site/hackbookeasypeasy/home
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