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    okay now I have been trying to do this for a long while. and I haven't been finding luck doing it. I keep thinking of reasons why I keep relapsing. before I get to that. I have a PS4, Mac, and iPhone. I can't get rid of my Mac because all my school work is on it. neither the phone.

    I keep relapsing because I spend so much at home. unfortunately, I don't have any friends. now of course I need to find friends to stay busy and all that. but what I got in my hand right now is 5 days of fully free time. I hit the gym daily. now what can I do to stay out of the house!!!!

    I figured what I can do until around 4 pm. after that I got nothing!!!
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  3. bigboibez

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    start playing sports or get a job
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    There is a couple of things you can do Wuzzaap. You can invest time on personal growth with related YouTube content or books. I can suggest to you reading "7 habits of highly effective people", which is about developing the kind of character and habits you need to find and live up to your goals in life, or "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow", which talks about the benefits of orgasm-free sexual intercourse called Karrezza, with scientific and partially religious background to it; Really informative. You can get those books in audible, and go for walks in nature while listening to them as audiobooks.
    If you got the money and the motivation, you could start learning an instrument of your choice.
    Also, I don't know whether you are working or studying; But maybe investing time learning or getting further education could help you out improving your skills and knowledge, and that's a worthy investment as well.
    Try to fill your daily life with as many meaningful, healthy things as you can; try to get to know yourself and why you do the things you do or why you can't do the things you want to do and research on the internet about it and get books related. Really there is just so many things you can do, but you have to find out what suits best for you.
    Set yourself a goal for each day and try to achieve that, whether it is an 1 hour walk, cleaning your apartment, reading or studying; You will feel alot better if you make that experience and it may lessen the chance of you spiraling down to MO or PMO again.
    Hope it works out, man! I always had rough times mostly with free time periods aswell, but if I just kick my ass and do things that benefit myself, it's getting better. Find something to hold on to, maybe. Have a goal in mind of why you are doing a reboot. Write it down and put it on the wall. Write it as detailed as you can, and let it come from your heart. Then read it everyday. So you know why you are doing this. Writing here to get help is a good step that you are taking for yourself, instead of just letting it happen, and it's good to see that you are trying to take care of yourself. I wish you good luck with your free time. :)
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    Appreciate u maan . I already started doing most of what uv mentioned . I am trying my best to fill in my time as much as i can .

    I am a student . I established a routine of studying in the morning outside the house . I get creative to find things to do . I just started to do “cold showers” . Its making me feel good . Actually its making me feel stronger . I hit the gym daily . And on it . But no matter what . I try my best to keep my hand off technology when im at home . I try to keep home only for sleeping.

    And whenever i feel lost i explore the forum to find direction
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    My Journal
    Alrigjt, I'm assuming you go to bed at around 10:00
    So, you have 6 hours to study, read, probably start a side hustle business.
    You can find a new hobby.
    Finding a new hobby unleashes a new genius inside of you.
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  7. Wuzzaap

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    Thats what am doing . I actually found ways to keep myself busy . The most important thing for me is to stay out the house as much as i can . Try my best to keep myself away from electronics while I'm by myself
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    Try switching your gym routine to night time, it's easier to put something else in your day than at night. If you don't work then find something to do in the middle of the day. Yard work, get a pet, find a new videogame, anything that occupies your mind. Then at night when your urges are strong, hit the gym. I lift at night and there is barely anyone there, and you can just clear your head and exercise.
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  9. DeepSeaDiver

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    Being home and having access to electronics are triggering for a lot of people and can make it a lot easier to relapse. So yes, pushing yourself out of the house is a good strategy.
    Your first post said you didn’t have friends? Probably the best investment outside of school would be to make some social connections off of social media. Look at college/meet ups/ discussion groups....humans are social beings and we need interaction with other people. So much of porn addiction is driven from boredom and loneliness. Hope you are having a good week!
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