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    Can't stop watching shemale porn , I'm not into gay porn just the shemale. I need to stop it as it's messin with my head . I was watching it and was freaking out and later that day I was out talking to people when I came home and tried to watch it I couldn't get turned on by it. I really can't understand my interest in it as I could not in real life and am not attracted to males. But I have watched every porn under the sun and it has led to this. I almost feel suicidal , that I have this in my head . I need to stop and free my mind , but at the minute i am struggling to stop watching porn . Personally I see these people as predators , This is a manipulation .I have been unable to think as myself since watching this as though it's caused depersonalisation.
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    You can stop. As you see, you are one of those who has gone from one porn genre to another. Nothing ever brings you total satisfaction. If you hate this, what will be your next subject of fascination? I hate to think about it.
    You realize this is fucking with your mind. You absolutely must stop. Get away from all of your internet access for at least 24 hours. You need peace and quiet and a time to reflect. As you say, you need to stop and free your mind.
    You have your own solution! You know what to do! If you can do it for a day, then, with a more relaxed mind, think about your next steps. The goal is to cease watching all porn.
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