I need help.

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Rocket7, Dec 23, 2019.

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    Hey everyone,

    I need some help.

    I’ll try to keep this simple, basically I was in a very traumatic and toxic relationship with a woman for 8 years.

    Long story short I was cheated on and manipulated, I even got to the point where thinking of her cheating turned me on.
    Sex is the only way I could deal with the pain of that dishonor and loyalty. So being submissive and treated poorly is wired to turn me on now.

    I’m a masculine guy, I’m a firefighter, an athlete, I own my own company, and I don’t fit the mold of a guy who wants to be submissive and beta. I have the mind of someone who is capable of amazing things, but I’m caged inside my head and my last trauma is holding me back.

    I’ve met the most beautiful woman recently who is a total 180 degree difference from my ex. She’s got class, character, humor, and she values integrity.

    Hypothetically if I date her right now, I’d have all of this toxic baggage in my head from my past relationship. I have to reboot and rewire my brain or I’ll sabotage something amazing.

    I use Snapchat to sext with girls and keep my mind busy, and have been since my breakup which was 8 months ago.

    Getting nudes sent to me daily was great therapy, but now I’m addicted to the dopamine rush and I’ve tried so many times to quit PMO.

    I need some help - an accountability partner and/or someone who will let me vent. I haven’t gotten comfortable enough to admit this to anyone I know. This is the first time I’ve typed this out or told anyone.
    Any help or advise is appreciated.

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    Yo I can relate to the submissive thing. It’s a messed up headspace. I understand. The porn I was watching escalated into femdom territory and it doesn’t make me feel good about myself at all. I’m an athlete as well and don’t fit that mold either. I think it has a lot to do with regaining and maintaining self worth. Feel free to message me
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