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    I was at the lowest point in my life. the situation does not allow me to go to rehab. Porn, masturbation and sex addiction have destroy me as a human.
    Added drug addiction in the last 5 years. i just want to die. My children still keep me alive. But still, I still haven't been able to stop bad habits that are actually trivial. I need support. but I'm going through this alone. I hid this from my family. Please friends. Can you guys help me?
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    Brother, you are not alone. I tried to do this alone too, I knew about this site and group but never thought I needed it. I figured I was strong enough to carry the burden and change myself alone. This is a lie. Only Iron sharpens Iron. I personally made an account here almost three days ago and I'm about to hit a week clean. Which would sound unbelievable a month ago. I personally have been trying to kick this for years. I may still be an addict but I have learned a thing or two. Ask questions, share you story, be venerable here so we can truly help you as a community. This is not a trivial struggle either. You are strong enough to admit you need help and reach out for it. We need to know how to help though. What does recovery look like to you? What are some triggers? Do you have a longest streak? Please let us know so we can support you the right way. Stay strong brother!
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    You’re right, you can’t do this alone. You mentioned you can’t do rehab but can you do a therapist? A professional with experience with sex issues would be a great help. How about a support group? I joined SAA and a weekly NoFap group and both are extremely helpful and provide support in a non-judgmental environment and make me feel like I am not alone in this. You mention your kids, but is there a wife/partner? Will she help with one or the other or both (sex addiction, drug addiction)? I know the organization Seeking Integrity (www.sexandrelationshiphealing.com) has lots of resources and I’ve seen stuff there on chem-sex addiction. I am sorry you are feeling at the low point in your life, but you can make the choices to leave that low point for great heights, both for you and your family. And, while it may not feel like it right now, you are worth it, you are good enough, and you deserve recovery. Best wishes.
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