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    Today is really kicking my ass. 3 resets in one day. After going 2 weeks. This habit is cunning, powerful, and is very good at waiting. This does not matter because I have this community and I'm calling to ask for help and advice. I'm having trouble with this. I admit I can not do this alone. I can't have this going on for days on what to get on track starting now and I know you guys have some good suggestions to get my mind right and situated on the goal of nofap. We can't do this alone.
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    Binging right after a slip is not uncommon. Don't shame yourself for that since it doesn't help. Having said that get back on wagon ASAP. Try harder and smarter this time. Avoid triggers and urges. Download a blocker temporarily if you can't watching porn at home. Good luck!

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  3. Good job for going two weeks man! I know from experience when I relapse I often will go on a binge. Don't beat yourself up for that. Its a mistake, yes, but don't get fixated on it. It might take a while to get motivated and ready to try again, the key is to just keep trying. After a couple of relapses after a long streak I get tired of telling myself "ok I'll start again just let me get one more". Its going to happen. Your mind will tell you that because you failed, you might as well get your fill until you start again; be aware of it, do your best to not give into it. As long as you're working on living a better life and making yourself better, PMO will be one of the last things on your mind. Good luck and keep up the good work man!

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