I need serious help here because I am lost with this fetish I've had since childhood

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Rootfury, Mar 5, 2020.

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    @hollyman I enjoy too much gaming to give it all up, the moment it is no more entertainment and becomes an addiction is when it is a problem. One of my main goals is to make video games for a living and I learned a lot about CGI since 2012, 3D modeling, texturing, and pretty much everything, but porn and masturbation slowed me down I couldn't focus on my work because I would get horny each time and the moment I would shoot my load I was done for.

    I refuse to make my games filled with microtransactions like we have today, I think it truly kills the games and it's a disgusting habit to do to players and to get easy money. I'm against it so much, now sport games have become damn casinos wtf!?

    Normal doesn't exist to me and I don't mind anyone who enjoys being Masochist as long it is in a healthy manner and not a way for escapism. I really do like being tied and I love the BDSM lifestyle but I will try and see if I can remove it from my life. If at one point I ever see myself being sad for missing it after a few years without it, then I might consider coming back when it will be more under control but I will be very careful... Maybe I won't take the risk.

    Now it has been four days I haven't fapped and watched any kind of porn and I am doing okay, it's a bit hard but manageable I try to replace it with something else that's more fulfilling.
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    @Mordobarn Not sure why I wrote Disphagia, I meant Dysphasia.
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    I already covered the idea of being hurt in one of my previous postings. Some people just have a nervous system that perceives pain as pleasure. Is that, "normal," probably not. However, in the statistical sense, most people do enjoy varying degrees of pain. Think of a massage that, "hurts so good." Some people are just aroused by it as well.

    As for being tied up, how much different from a hug is being tied up? If someone strange hugs you, you'd certainly consider that to be a type of bondage. And yet from someone you know cares for you, it can be one of the most warm and pleasant feelings in the world. Think of bondage as much the same. Many people describe it as a very, "cozy," feeling. Others who get off on the fear or any other negative emotion are much the same as people who get off on pain. For whatever reason their nervous system simply perceives these emotions as pleasurable. They simply do not perceive these experiences the same way you do, and so when you try to put yourself in the same situation you are literally experiencing a completely different thing than you are.

    Imagine if you were hugging your girlfriend and someone ran up to you and pulled you off of her, thinking you were attacking her. No matter how much the both of you tried to argue that you were both enjoying the hug and it was perfectly safe and consensual, this person kept saying that what you were attacking her. That's basically what people who are anti-bdsm look like to people who have learned to express their kink in a safe, consensual, and mutually beneficial way.
  4. That made me laugh, because a hug and bondage are very, very different.
    I didn't realise that there were such people. If two or more people are engaging in fully consensual activities without harm being done, they should be left alone. That's why anti-homosexual laws make absolutely no sense.
  5. @Neurostudent

    It is a question of how deep you are involved into your fetishes and porn. If they hinder you from healthy sexuality, then you might want to change your behaviour.
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    Haha I mean I've never been tied up and don't really think it's for me, but I've been told by subs that it can be like a full body, cozy hug depending on the context.

    Definitely a lot of people who think it's unhealthy, that Doms are always abusers, or subs have something wrong with them. I think most people can be talked to about it and shown that it's not always unhealthy, they just haven't thought about it much. And let's be real, it's pretty fucking weird lmao.

    Absolutely, I definitely recommend everyone take a period of abstinence from all sexual behaviour at least at some point in their lives. I'm a big advocate of fasting in general. It allows us to be removed from the situation so that we can see it from a more objective standpoint, that way we can really see if it is negatively affecting us or not.
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    We all have our fetishes and triggers that get us going, but remember you can do anything if you set your mind to it, I've never been passed 13 days either. It's hard to throw parts of your life away. its like when I became a Christian, had to throw a lot of things out to become whole again, but some things just were there to stay. All I can say for you is stay positive, when you turn your back on the past its gotta be a commitment, and hurt along the way is a given. But it's the suffering that will get you through the hard times. Stay strong hope this helps God be with you!
  8. I've read that the relationship between a dom and a sub (unlike in porn movies) is a loving one, quite unlike that depicted in Fifty Shades of Grey. I don't believe the subs "have something wrong with them." Rather, I feel that most fetishes are unnaturally created and reflect some type of emotional problem. I say "most" and not "all", because we're humans, and humans are infinitely complex.
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