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    Hey guys. I have started this journey a few months ago and it has been amazing to discover nofap website- to know that doing PMO is actually an issue.

    During my journey so far, there are two things I have noticed to be my biggest triggers.

    1) I am brown skinned and my woman is quite fair and quite good looking- with the right curves (a lot of guys complement her wherever we go- even though I am standing right there). I think the porn I have watched gives me the impression that b muscular guys are real men that have the right to "enjoy" f***ing the woman I love ... this also extends to the following: whenever we are at big time parties (like new years eve) and I see a bunch of muscly men walk past and start at my woman I just get all these thoughts of them deserving to f*** her (and that I am not worthy enough for her). I am trying to convice myself that no guy thinks like that and that I am getting these thoughts because I have been watching porn for too long. I don't know what to think. Can you guys give a recommendation on how I should be thinking about this and how to walk myself out of this temptation

    2) This sense that black guys want to f*** pretty white girls. And all the rest. You know I'm just trying to convince myself that this is not true, but it doesn't seem to be working. What recommendation do you guys have?

    3) Whenever everyone in my house decides to go, I just get all these crazy thoughts in my head of: reading erotica and watching porn at the same time and trying to last as long as I can ... just that: If I fulfill all my desires (of all the P scenes I want) then I will never PMO again. But I last just 3-5minutes because I've been retaining for a few days by then. After I do it I feel horrible and I just convince myself next time I get tempted (esp when people say they are leaving the house and I know I have the house all to myself) that I will be able to last like 2hours so I can watch all the P scenes I want and be able to read all the erotica I want [even though I know I can't last as long as I want ... because I have failed like tens of times in the past with the same excuse]. Same deal as above. Any recommendations on how to be able to fight this temptation off? RIght now, I'm just brute forcing that this is not true.

    Any advice is much appreciated lads
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  2. Well even amongst animals there are dominant males and leaders, your porn viewing mixed with seeing what you perceive as superior men is destroying your self confidence and self worth. Listen use this humility to fuel your fire and quit pmo once and for all, use your lover as motivation to be free and become the best version of yourself for her and you. And remember this, no one can make you have these thoughts, shake them off like dirt and keep moving.
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