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    I have been in this for about 20 days or so, but every day I lose control, I am a student and I have these really important exams coming up, but with trying to do nofap at the same time is really hard and it is so hard to concentrate in studying.

    And the biggest problem is that I cannot try things like meditation and yoga to concentrate on nofap because, quite frankly I don't have time for that as I have to study for my exams.

    Please help me, if I should quit or not? And if not, then what should I do to solve my problem?
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    These are tough questions and I understand your struggle.

    I think it's wonderful that you want to give NoFap a go. From my personal experience, it's well worth the time and energy I've put into it so far.

    My advice would be to consider the following: Start a reboot log now, and spend 5 minutes every day to post an update. No matter whether you binged, studied, worked out, netflixed, whatever you have or haven't done that day, make sure you just make a small post, doesn't even have to have any content, can be as simple as "hi" or whatever, but just post that one small update each day. And forget about the rest. Focus on your exams.

    Once you exams are done, you can start spending a little more time here, reading other people's success stories, filter out what makes sense to your life situation, connect with others, start paying more attention to your reboot log, and build it up from there.

    Good luck!
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  3. Keep with it. You’ll find that over time your concentration will increase exponentially. That’s the beauty of semen retention. Your brain is trying to overcome a very powerful and addictive habit. It’s going to take time. Remember those benefits people talk about in the forums? They are real. It’s all real. You can do this. Also, if you drink coffee or caffeinated beverages, I’d recommend trying to quit those. Caffeine makes rebooting difficult.
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    Understand you feeling; you feel the need for the relief of exams and you think porn will help! Sad to say life is full of stressor so if we use that as an excuse we will never have a reason to quit ! Porn gives us a quick dopamine rush and only adds to stress , you then feel yucky afterward and guess what? Stress is still there and you become more hooked on wanting to see browser, and guess what does it really help your studying and concentration? No better time than now is my humble opinion , Good luck !
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