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  1. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    Dear NoFap members,

    First of all a want to tell you that my English isn't that perfect but i will do my best.

    My name is Sander i am 25 years young and i have an porn addiction.
    I live in the EU - The Netherlands
    I've watched porn from the age 13, that is like 12 years now.
    A period I've watched every day and sometimes 2 or 3 times a week.

    I have a girlfriend for about almost 2 and a half year now.
    In this relationship i don't watch that often anymore.
    My girlfriend caught me watching porn and she was very very upset about it.
    And I Can understand, it feels like betray.
    Like she is not good enough.
    Porn takes the love out of a relationship.

    I promised that i shall not watch porn anymore.
    Because I love her and because its no good for your relationship.
    And because it causes erection problems.
    If you watch porn your brain gets over stimulated. You can get horny of thousand of mega hot girls.
    Than real normal seks won't get you turn on so much anymore.

    Almost 3 weeks now that I promised her any myself not to watch anymore.
    Iw went great until today, I got an weak moment en watched it again today.:(

    I Think i'm just to addicted to quit it that simple
    I think i really need some help from you guys.


    Greetings Sander
  2. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    today I masturbated 3 times after a period of non fapping for about almost 3 weeks.
    Today it went wrong. Big time wrong.

    My girlfriend went home just 5 minutes ago.
    We tried to have sex, but it just din't work because of all the masturbation today.
    And it feels so weak.
    It just didn't stay hard and the sex was not as it should be after fapping 3 times on porn.
    I didn't tell her that, I said i was tired and that i'm ashamed it didn't work.
    She is very cute she tells me she doesn't mind and that she loves me no Mather what.

    I Really want to quite Porn and Masturbation ass well.

    Maybe some of you van give me some advice what i can do when i have a weak moment?

    Again i want to tell you that my English isn't perfect.

    Thank you for reading.

    Greets Sander
  3. wantomek

    wantomek New Fapstronaut

    I'm also a newbie, maybe some can give you better advice, but what has worked for me in the past, only I didn't have the will power to keep going was to do push ups. Whenever you get horny and have the circumstances to fap you also have the circumstances to do 10 or so push ups, which tiers you so you won't have the urge to fap.

    I think it's a really good thing we decided on this both for us, an our girlfriends in the long run.
  4. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    I think that's a good one.
    I'm gonna consider that as some kind of punishment.

    And you also get distracted from your horneyniss :p

    Yesterday i fapped 3 times, 3 times wtf :p
    after non fapping for almost 3 weeks.

    I have started a counter right now.
    1 day now, 89 to go.
    With no masturbation and no porn at all.

    Thank you, and good luck to you.
    You are wise to think about this.

    With no masturbation and no porn at all.
  5. tommy23

    tommy23 Fapstronaut

    same happened here also.. i controlled my urge for 20 days. but day before yesterday everything changed.. i watched some porn and PMOed. then i got depressed and at the same time my friend called me for drinking.
    i went with them, at the time of drinking, i smoked a lot also. i PMOed 4 times on that day. what a waste day. it's all started on a single image that i received through whatsapp..

    from all this i learned that when we started Nofap, there will be a lot of chance out there to take us back to our past days.. we have to be more carefull to not to go back.

    i hope this time we'll reach 90 days... try your best buddy.. good luck.
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  6. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    Thank you very much!
    Good luck to you to.
    we both have started the same goal at the same time :)

    That is really to bad yeah, but don't feel down. Just start over and try agian. 20 days without O is very very much. I still got O because I have a grilfriend and I think sex is normaal PMO isn't. Porn is like sex but its no good.

    Today I also recieved a porn photo on WhatsApp and that really can make you triger and makes it very hard to control yourself. I disabled automatic downloading of images and video's. But you still see it but not that good, you know. And i quikly scroll further and try not to think about it anymore.

    Goodluck to you man!

    Sorry is my English isn't perfect.

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  7. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    Maybe we can support each other to see if we can make it till March 18.

    But I have an question you try not to have O at all till March 18?
  8. nogir

    nogir New Fapstronaut

    I need some help too
    My age is 20 and am from India
    So this is my problem

    What about nightfalls ... Do they count in PMO's ??
    Also can someone help me how to not have one ...
    Whenever I have gone on a nofap streak earlier have had a nightfall

    Also what exactly does HARD ON or PMO stand for ?
  9. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    Hello Nigor,

    Nightfalls doesn't count beceause there is nothing you can do about it.

    I don't know what Hard On means, I'm new here to.

    PMO means: All the way: whatching Porn -> Mastrubation -> and orgasm.

    Good Luck with your non fapping goal.

    Greetz from The Netherlands
  10. virginpaul

    virginpaul Guest

    You need to be accountable to both someone and her on a regular basis.
    you might ask her to make asking you on a daily basis in a nice way, "did you look at anything that could be considered pornographic today sweetly?"
    just knowing that each day she will ask will help reinforce you to quit and you two might make a reward system so if you did not view porn she does something you like.
  11. Benny

    Benny Fapstronaut

    I'm newbie too, and I totally understand ur situation. I'm also have erection problem because of porn and it's cleary not cool...
    So, if I have one advice for u... buy a pair of handcuffs and ties your hands^^
    More seriously, doing push up is a great ideas :)
  12. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    I've been offline for a few days but I'm back now. And I did not relapse. But Yester day i almost did. I was tired and not feeling happy. I was mastrubating for just 30 seconds and then i quit, no need for me to reset my stats. But it's a warning.

    And VirgingPaul, I think you are right I totally Agree with you. But when I say that to my girlfriend she will say to me; that she doens't understand why it's so hard for me to not whatch porn. And I think she will get madd about it.
  13. ineedtostop25

    ineedtostop25 Fapstronaut

    Benny, thank you.
    And that is why i wanted to quit PMO for mean reason. It's is ridecilous and sad to have erection problems because of porn. So the sex is just worst and dissapointing. I think a lot of men have erection problems because of porn and they don't even know thats the problem.

    I did not PMO in 12 days now and the sex is way beter right now. I wake up with a boner more often like i did before when I was younger.

    Goodluck to you all.

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