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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by SpringMatrix, Aug 26, 2018.

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    I just have found on Facebook that a girl that I was so into is on vacation with some guy. i think they were seing each other for more than 2 months now. He did the move and she was interested in him. I didn't. I actually met her only in her job environment. I don't want to say what she's doing. Don't want it to backfire me. Wouldn't want anyone to get a clue - in some miracle way that I am me.

    But I am attending a place every month and I see her. I tried to ask her out but she refused 3 times. So I stopped torturing her. I know how it is when someone who you are not interested in is trying to get you out. I'm rejecting a lot of women in my life, but recently I was doing it because I was so into that girl. I was torturing myself.

    My psychologist told me that I am really hurting myself showing my interest in someone who doesn't show any interest in me.

    Still I was thinking about this girl 24h. Please guys give me some support. I'm not into relapsing. I just need something positive. I already talked with my family and one friend about this. They are supporting me. Still I need as much positive words as possible. I would appretiate it.
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    To be rejected by someone you are really passionate about is the worst feeling in the world. I'm still struggling to get over my first love and it really hurts when I see her with someone else. However I'm really optimistic about finding someone new. It takes patience and action and even luck but I know it will bring me happiness and it is not something I intend to rush. I wholeheartedly believe that you and I both will one day find women that will love us as much as we love them and they are not the girls we can't stop thinking about.
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  3. Your psychologist is right move on , I think you deserve better someone who likes you as you . You will get threw this
  4. What you could do aswell that would benefit you I believe is to avoid social media, that way you won't find out about anyone's life, or ending up finding things you wish you didn't.

    Best of luck, brother.
  5. Peiskos

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    Forget about her but also don't hold any resentment towards her for rejecting you as that is her right and her decision, and thus something to be respected.

    You need to move on as you are also torturing yourself by looking her up on facebook.
  6. Ask yourself, why do you like the girl so much?
  7. SpringMatrix

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    Every single post from you guys suck!

    I'm just kidding :D I love you guys. Every single post is awesome and I am 100% with you guys with each of your posts. You are all right about this. I feel a lot better today. I found a lot of strength. I'm free now. I can show finally interest in women who look at me and want me to take an action. I was close to do that today but I kinda freaked out. I helped a girl with a bike and she was looking at me wanting me to ask her out and I just said.. ok em, cya, have a nice day too. That was BAD. I think somehow I did that because she wasn't as pretty as the girl I was crazy about. Stupid I know. Or maybe I did it because I was too insecure about myself. I have dry lips at this time of the year and I was scared to get closer to her. It won't happen again. I promise that to myself from this day.
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    Know youre not alone, this sort of thing happens to everyone at one point or another. I advise you get off social media and dont look at her posts and just try to forget about her. Refrain from talking about her and with her, pretty much pretend as if she doesnt exist. I understand this is very difficult at first but I promise it gets easier as time passes, spend time doing things you like and be as social as possible, spend some time with your friends or family. Look for what you like about this girl in others and im sure youll find someone youre interested in soon enough. Good luck and of course, dont pmo as it will only end up making you feel worse.

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