I need support, guilt drives my everyday life

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    I'm tired of PMO-ing every time I feel guilty or see something provocative. My inner critic is TOO LOUD. I'm 31 and cannot shut these thoughts. Guilt from staring a bit longer at a woman, guilt from procrastination, being late to a social gathering, not answering someone's phone call or message, and guilt from comparing my success to other's successes. I can't keep going like this. Guilt drives the PMO-coping mechanism... I NEED ADVICE
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    First of all, acknowledge that you're sharing this with a group of strangers. It takes a lot of courage to do this.
    What are some other things you have done lately that were actually difficult? You were late to the gathering, BUT you did go didn't you? Maybe the fact that you went even though you were anxious means that you did something difficult and pushed your way through. You showed up. That's HUGE.

    More on managing your inner thoughts, I would recommend 1. finding some youtube videos that can help you change negative thought patterns 2. finding a local therapist or remote therapist that you can speak to. A therapist who is good with cognitive behavioral therapy can help you to "change" your thoughts into more productive ones.

    Second of all, PMO is definitely not helping with your feeling of helplessness. Since you're on this forum, use it as a resource to quit your PMO. Each day you go without PMO, you're getting stronger. That strength has to be preserved (instead of ejaculated out of your body). The strength must be preserved so you can channel it into those areas that you want to improve (being on time, no longer procrastinating, no longer just staring at a women but actually speaking to her to see what will happen, she might like you and you start a conversation that's enjoyable).

    Good luck man. I had to start my NoFAP journey in small baby steps. Like one week, then two weeks, then 3, 4, etc. For the first 90 days I was still watching P, but not M-ing and O-ing. It was a long time, and eventually I realized that I would not get the full benefits until the full journey of no PMO began. At day ~150 I feel incredible.
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