I need tips to get 90days without P

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by #Be strong, Sep 22, 2019.

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    I'm realy strugling with P,and i need someone who can give me some real tips on how to overcome the urges.
    My longest streak was 64days i was really happy and proud of myself,and i realy lived all the good benefits of nofap but i juste don't know why i relapsed.It's realy another life without P and aslo M but i dont know why we keep return to this Sh*t.
    So i really hope someone who has a long streak can give me like things that he did,i know that gym and not having free time help but even with that i still relapse.I need to convince myself that it's bad for me.
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    I may not have a high streak but I know that staying active on the forums helps. Also I've been forcing myself to physically leave the room when I get urges. Good job getting to 64 days!
  3. how to get rid of porn?, get rid of the internet in your life, i made it to 120 days pmo free, than i relapsed when i got my laptop back, let that sink in. Now i did make the choice to relapse, i was depressed and i knew my laptop was being sent to me so i started playing with myself in the shower, that is when i truly failed, i thought it was innocent but i was back down the path to destruction before i knew it, and like after a week of having my laptop back i gave in, for people like me you have to cut that stuff out totally, no internet whatsoever for me. Tho i am moving over seas tomorrow so i have no plan of taking my computer with me, so i will be porn free again soon no problem, however you need to make that choice for yourself.

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