I need your help. I‘m frustrated

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  1. 5 days ago, I relapsed again. And you can believe or not: I never felt worse before in my entire life.

    On 26th April, I swore to me that I will never never never do it again, because now I know exactly that masturbation not my world (Note: I‘m asexual).

    It went all well, but 35 days later, I got a big erection.
    I was afraid and tried to distract me but it didn‘t want to go away.

    6 days later, it was still there and I got mad. Then I thought, if I relapse it wouldn’t be so bad, so I did that.

    But I felt so horrible. I felt like an idiot.

    Today, I‘m still struggling with these thoughts. I try the whole time to encourage me and I say things to me like: It‘s all ok, You‘ve done the right thing, I could be worse etc. But nothing helps.

    But here comes the worst thing:
    I‘m that kind of guy who enjoys anime so much then nobody else. If I watch them, I feel like I‘m part of it.

    In the last days, I watched so many anime and got so beautiful memories.

    But after that relapse, I somehow have bad memories if I look back to these days.

    It is such a horrible feeling, you can‘t imagine. Now I‘m afraid that these memories will forever stay in a bad way.

    Can someone of you tell me, what I can do about this? I‘m really really frustrated.
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    Loook.. firts of all you must know that mastrubating is a problem that means you have porblem. So when that kind of problem(erection) is happening you need to say to yourself that. It is problem. And you need to move. You need to do somethin that will keep you busy. So maatrubatimg is never solution. I dont think so that memorys will forever stay in a bad way. Bay the way what anime do you whatching?
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    You got a 35 day streak, so don't beat yourself up about it. Dwelling on it isn't gonna turn back the clock. Use the relapse as motivation to discourage future relapses.
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    very well you reach 35 days !!
    its very hard for me to reach this number
    so don't give up and keep going .. :)
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