I never have urges, this is how you fight and erase urges forever

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by modern milarepa, Jun 12, 2021.

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  2. modern milarepa

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    It is so good sometimes I can simply answer by redirecting to my threads. This is one of the reasons I write them.
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    I haven't met one real spiritual girl neither my father and we have been around in many spiritual groups. If a girl is into spirituality it tends to be more like trying to get material benefits from it like praying to get blessings.

    In choosing a girl is more about how she is as a person rather than if they practice a religion. Some are even quite prideful because they think are "spiritual" they use religion to make their ego's bigger. Not all but a lot do it.
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  4. Thanks for the insights. A rough road ahead it is.
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  5. modern milarepa

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    You are welcome. Spirituality is the most important thing and more hard than girls but careful with spirituality or being religiously blind specially if you combine it with girls it can give a severe case of nice guy syndrome. Thinking all beings are pure in nature well they are in the inside but it's how they behave as egos our concern.
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    Well said. You explained in a very simple manner. The extra energy needs to be used somewhere like physical exercise, or yoga, that's the only way to cure urges.
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  7. Aléxandros

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    sure, physical activities and cold showers are the keys, biologically talking.
    but as @modern milarepa often does, even some skills on how to redirect your sexual energy can help.

    I still can't do it, he knows how to explain it to you.
  8. I think this is where a lot of the lust I am feeling comes from. Simply looking at a woman with shorts can fuel this process. Wet dreams must be another manifestation of this. It just feels like this is the autopilot setting more my brain now.. If we stay relaxed and/or exercise more frequently does the prostate congestion go away for good?
  9. modern milarepa

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    it is the same thing I just said: being aware and relaxed. Sports dont help that much, it is your mind we are talking. the key is to not need anyting external or special relaxation techniques. these two have to become part of who you are.

    you need to become a relaxed and aware person all the time that way there is not prostate congestion
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  10. Aléxandros

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    NoFap makes you a calm and chilled person in the long run.
    You start to control your emotions and how you react to things.
    So, consequently, less and fewer urges as long as the adventure goes.

    But this is the experience of a fapstronaut that goes to the gym regularly, does cold showers, eats healthy and doesn't consume too much screen time or any video games.
    My mind is pretty calm right now.
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  11. radhouane

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    true words thanks ♥️
  12. PrioritySystem

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    This is such a great post.

    I am currently on a 3 weeks no PMO and no sex streak. So it’s still too early to draw serious conclusions but here goes anyway. Been using this ‘relaxation method’, as you called it in another thread, as most important mindset these days.

    I’ve not had any urges grow on me, I’ve had small ones but was easily able to overcome them by simply relaxing my body. By relaxing the body, automatically I also become in the present moment.


    In the past, I’ve responded differently to feeling sexual energy accumulate in my body. I would either:
    -get very excited
    -get horny and think about flirting with girls or fapping
    -try to maintain the energetic and euphoric feeling
    -look ahead in excitement about my goals and plans for the future
    -feel restless and feel like I’m somehow ‘wasting my young years’
    -start to feel really good about myself, essentially inflating my ego
    -try very hard and in a very desperate way to suppress sexual feelings and forbid myself to look at girls in public

    But now it’s just relaxing the body.

    In the past, I’ve also tried to combat urges mentally. Trying to divert thoughts, convincing myself that I should retain. But now, I approach it more as a physical challenge than a mental one. And I think it’s working.

    @modern milarepa can’t thank you enough for sharing thoughts here and providing guidance for people like me who have to figure it out all by themselves.
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