I never kissed and a virgin in 20 years.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by BrokenHabit, Nov 11, 2019.

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    Hello everyone, by the title you guessed what they’re talking about. I'm a normal guy, not stupid and kind of not a freak. For all my life I have been on dates about 10 times and these were beautiful girls, except once. For now I have no problem meeting and talking. I ruined my health with multiple masturbation with porn. I never kissed and a virgin in 20 years. I arrived in vile porn and masturbation - this is my pain. I want to catch up and get sex for those lost years, how to restore depleted health. I want a lot of dates, communication and interaction. I want real sex with virgins. I want a long relationship with a good non-kissed virgin and make her a woman.

    All this depresses me (my situation).

    What is wrong with me since it happened to me? What and how to do to solve? Please, without trolling, I'm an adequate guy, it bothers me and I'm looking for reassurance.
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    Same dude... but one thing I know for sure is that I want to eliminate porn from my life FIRST and preserve myself for real genuine sex and love with my future wife, so have some faith and patience my bro cause well have our prize someday! and keep going with social interaction! you dated more girls than me! i'm jealous Lol
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    You are 20? That is pretty young.

    Personally, I came here to come clean. My expectations of abstinence don’t include a Grand Prize (i.e. a smokin’ hot wife I’d like to have sex with multiple times a day) for not staying up until 3 AM with my pants around my ankles. It is extremely difficult to find the right life partner, please keep that in mind.

    I’m simply looking for small victories that add up to a complete “psychic change” (whatever the hell that means).

    Your life will change if you honor the body God has given you.
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    Thanks for the answer.
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    I am 26 years old virgin
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    You want all these things, but what's the plan? You have to put in some work. Train your body and mind. You're going to get bruised, cut up, hurt, and embarrassed. It's part of getting better. A lot of effort will be required. Are you ready for it?
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    Nice picture man, he’s a god. But I know what you’re talking about, I have some experience but have never gotten very far. I think I have the not fapping thing down, but it’s like how do I get my sexual needs satisfied. But keep trying and keep your head up, experience is key.
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  8. Well at least you if you've dated a girl
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