I never thought 63 days would bring so many benefits!!

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    The Journey has been a long one so far. It has been 70 days with no porn and 63 days without playing with my snake.

    There are so many things that I have learned and gain from this experience that I could write an entire book!

    I chose to stay away from porn and masturbation after finding myself in a lonely hole surrounded by porn, unreal fantasies, and webcams. Breaking up with my ex-girlfriend left me with some deep wounds that were hard to confront. Porn and fantasies became the best antidote to distract my emotions. This worked well until I found myself completely disconnected from the world. I couldn't relate well with others and my head was filled up with really nasty and dark thoughts.

    I am someone full of dreams for myself and the world. Porn was leaking all my energy and my emotions got all messed up.

    These are some of the benefits that I have gained from staying away from masturbation and porn for more than two months:

    - Join a CrossFit training and managed to go and train for 5/6 days a week at 5.20am.
    - Gain 5kg of pure muscle in 6 weeks. (I've never been this fit before)
    - I signed up for an obstacle competition race
    - I booked a 2-week surfing trip
    - My emotions have become much more stable.
    - I have become much more assertive and self-confident ( I even ask for a raise in my job and my wage got increased by 25%)
    - I cut down other habits such as internet browsing, drinking (haven't drank in 7 weeks)
    - I learned about nutrition and I'm eating healthier than ever.
    - My penis has grown thicker! It must be a combination between nofap and training.

    The keys to my success have been the following:

    - Learn about the science behind addictions. There are several resources.
    - Work in Sprints (I set myself small goals and once I accomplished them challenge myself further. I began with 2 weeks, then 4, then 8. Now I'm going for 90days)
    - Join a community I use R Tribe, which has been great for me.
    - Act as a role model to your AP. This has helped me keep my word. If I fail I'm not only failing to myself but to the others that I interact with.
    - Love yourself. At the end of the day, I see all of this as an act of self-love. I need to take care of myself if I want to achieve my different visions and goals.

    Best wishes on your journeys.

    Everyone can do this.


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    Hey buddy! That is awesome dude, a massive congratulations! Keep going, inspirational stuff
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    Cool Points Here - Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the one about Self Love. I can see this is something that I have really had to will myself to do because its been so easy to just justify giving up the future results for a quick fix. Anyways, nice post thanks.
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    Awesome post @Oswatazki ! Its good to hear that your starting to do new things such as crossfit and eating healthy. Thanks for the inspiring post and great job to 70 days of no P and 63 of no M. Wish you the best of luck on 90 day journey!
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    Thats great man! Keep on going youre almost to 90 days
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    Awesome success story! You're really accomplishing a lot with yourself these days. Congratulations on all the exercises, gaining muscles, meditation, less drinking, being more assertive, eating healthy, and loving yourself better. Thank you for sharing, your story is very encouraging!

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