I Never Thought Sissy Hypno Would be a Problem

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by BDawg69, Jul 17, 2019.

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    This will be quite a long story so sorry in advanced. I'm new to this site and this is only my second day of nofap. I need help kicking this terrible addiction.

    I'm turning 21 next month and I've been watching sissy hypnos for about 3 years now.

    In high school I kinda figured I was bi, I watched gay porn occasionally but I KNEW I liked females. I'd constantly check them out at school and I even almost had relationships. In the summer before grade 12 I even had sex, and I had no problems getting it up, even though I jerked off twice that day. I didn't finish, partially because I wasn't wearing a condom and partially because I jerked off twice that day, but I didn't think anything of it.

    Since I'm a fairly anti-social person, I didn't really ever try to have sex again, as I literally had sex before my first kiss, I was very inexperienced, even hugging people made me uncomfortable.

    So after grade 12 ended, I had a lot of free time in the summer and I started watching PMVs (porn music videos). I used to jerk off to youtube videos so it felt familiar.

    One day I must've clicked on a sissy hypno video or something because next thing you know I started watching that regularly. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I literally told myself "oh it won't work" (little did I know I was wrong haha).

    For the first few years or so I'd watched that occasionally and also watch straight porn and PMVs. When I watchdd straight pron though, at the time I didn't think I was the female. Eventually it started creeping into my mind that it'd be more fun to be a female.

    I still had thoughts about women until about last September. I was supposed to go on a date with a girl I liked and she cancelled without giving an explanation. At the time I thought of hooking up with a guy as "oh I just wanna try it", as well as the past few years. Eventually I started smoking a lot of weed and that mixed with sissy hypnos, I started to think I was gay, even though I always checked out women and liked a girl at the time.

    It all came to a head though in late January when I went to a different town a few hours away and had sex in a parking lot, during the day with a girl I wasn't attracted to and never talked to in person.

    After this I really started to think I was gay. The girl I liked also turned out to be gay, so I don't know if me starting to feel comfortable telling people I could be gay made it worse.

    Lately I've barely had any PMOs where I had straight thoughts. I sorta have to force myself to think straight when I jerk off. Even when I check out some of the ladies at work I feel like I'm forcing myself to do it, even though it's subconcious.

    After jerking off to sissy porn or gay porn, I'd feel shame and humiliation and feel like this isn't the real me. But after I smoked weed for two days straight, I just havwn't the energy to care anymore.

    I don't know if I'm just denying the fact I'm gay or this sissy shit has fucked with my brain to a point where I have no confidence in myself.

    I have pretty bad depression and since I was 12, I'd always use that to try and make myself feel better. I didn't know it would affect me this much.

    I'm going to see a therapist next Tuesday, but I don't know if I'd feel comfortable telling them this stuff, so I just wanted to get some tricks and tips from people in the community.
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    There's an article online somewhere called Can You Trust Your Johnson, written by Gary Wilson and his wife. Look it up and check it out, it will help you. Basically just because you have these fantasies doesn't mean anything. If you dislike guys in real life and you're absolutely honest with yourself about it and you still don't like men in real life, you can't possibly be gay or bi. Fantasies however, are a different story. Often the most disturbing fantasy will be the most exciting. The lack of personal connection seeing porn perhaps is what makes fantasizing about stuff like this possible.
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    Thanks man, I think that'll help a lot.
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  4. Here's something that I have come to realize during my journey on trying to get rid of porn from my life.

    If you check men out and find them attractive physically and emotionally and you also like women both emotionally and physically, you are Bisexual.
    If you find men attractive only, you're homosexual, you find women attractive only you're straight.. you get the message etc.

    Normal porn doesn't do it for you, your brain isn't getting the dopamine/high that it wants from just viewing normal porn, so you start branching out to different types of porn.
    Some people don't branch out to different types of porn but rather adopt an image where they put themselves in the "girls" position, they wonder what it would be like to give head, to have anal sex and be the bottom etc. I had and still have this problem. Whenever I watch porn, I can imagine myself doing stuff with guys constantly throughout the entire video.. when I get that release? It instantly fades away.

    Whenever I look at a man on the street I feel absolutely nothing, ZERO. I don't imagine what it's like to have sex with them, I don't imagine anything, if anything I would feel turned off.. However, if i saw a cute/pretty/attractive woman? I would feel all kinds of things, I would just think about how beautiful they are because I find women to be very beautiful people inside and out, there's just something about them that makes me smile, they can be a friend or a lover, they just make me smile.

    Your brain needs a stronger kind of high, and the fact that you're watching sissy and gay porn proves exactly that. You go on dates, have sex with women and you've done nothing with men hell, you haven't stated anything about being attracted to guys, just rather fantasizing about what it would be like to be the girl.

    These thoughts are nothing but porn-induced fantasies. I went 24 days without porn, still fapping, and when I was doing that, I was fantasizing about doing stuff with guys considerably less, probably maybe even 3 times out of the 24 days that I didn't watch porn. Remove porn (if you have a problem with fapping as well, abstain from fapping until reboot) and your mind will return to normal.

    Get rid of porn, adopt healthy habits and invest your energy into things that you want to do other than watching porn/fapping and you will see just how it goes away.
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  6. Well the porn industry is promoting this more than ever. Its like society wants men to feminine and dominated as a norm.
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  7. I am so lucky that I pulled the break before I went to far in but sissy porn is easily the most dangerous porn.
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  8. Today my testosterone level went really high after my workout and cold shower. I just felt superior so trust me there is a way back!
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  9. Thats great bro iv been lacking in the workout department need to get back on it.
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    Hey Im not just asking
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    psychatrists cant help porn addicts whos been on this stuff for years, not
    the police not anyone and no one cares cus its taboo. I am desperate here and I
    need brothers and sisters to join. these people are infact domestic terrorists point,
    because people have been gving them warnings for year but they keep reuploading and
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    they say their trying to do, playing it off as a fetish, even tho theor real goal is
    profits, no matter the cost, I know these people They arent out friends. the only
    reason they havent been banned is because people have been hasitant, and unsure how
    to respond to this and wheater or not it is any of their buissniss. hundreds of people
    are infact going to kill themselfes because they cant fix themselfes in the head all by
    their own, millions will suffer from traumas and selfharm + the actuall mental damage that
    is caused by haveing fools, go around messing with stuff in your subcounsious mind, only to
    get laid and make money.
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  12. First of all, psychiatrists/psychologists know the effects of porn. Psychology is literally the study of the brain. What makes the brain tick, what makes the brain snap, what makes the brain stimulated. If you feel that a psychiatrist/psychologist isn't working for you, find a new one. A lot of people like to go around saying "ohhh nah psychs just want to take your money, psychs just want to do this" are usually the type of people who expect psychologists to fix their problems within a session or two. Psychologists don't fix your shit for you, they enable you to find pathways to get you to start recovery, they aid and support you. Psychologists/psychiatrists can help porn addicts, it's just up to you whether you actually want them to help you or not.

    Second of all, you're taking the entire idea of NoFap way too literally.. The entire idea of NoFap is just to get rid of porn from your life and to undo porn's effects on your mind, not to wage war on the porn industry because you view them as terrorists, this place isn't a cult. Just abstain from watching porn, abstain from masturbating if you have a problem with that and just wait until you hit 90/120/180 days.

    And if you want me to be very honest, no one is going to go out of their way to flag video's and stuff, we have things to do and if an individual wants to watch sissy porn or whatever porn they watch, then that's on them, that's their decision.
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    Kind of disagree with your last sentence, if it's become an addiction it's no longer their decision.

    Hats off to you, femboyx0, for having the courage to go against these perverts. Slowly but surely my addiction ended up in the same perversions and it's just to incredibly toxic, to the point of being soul-destroying.

    People should just start caring about each other you know, we have this idea of me being an individual, my actions won't change anything so I'm just going to leave it to a bigger group of people who can change something, this same way of thinking means we all dump our plastic bottle into the ocean at the beach, to give just one example, because we all think we ourselves can't change shit, resulting in some serious harm to life because we all think the same way. We're weak alone but we're strong together. There should be petitions against porn and stuff like that, it's the only way our voice is going to reach public attention and start changing something.
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    I was always bisexual and did the crossdressing without sissyhypno things too. But this content is not you. You have to finish watching it. If you have any kind of desires without it, if you are gay, its not a problem. But the hypno content has a big influence on your mind, so do sport, read books, go to the cinema, but you have to finish the weed and the sissy porn too.

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