I opened up, it didnt go as planned

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by CORAZZON, Apr 12, 2019.


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    So today I opened up to a friend about my PMO addiction, and well, it didnt quite go as I expected.

    I explained that it has been going on for nearly 10 years, explained how it was taking its toll on my body and spirit.

    And the response was, that it was normal and okay to do it. Everyone does it, including them.

    I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, and it wasn't easy to open up but this made me feel alone in my battle against PMO. However no matter how difficult this is, I'm going to change my mindset and attack this thing. I've gotta quit thinking so much about NOT doing PMO and just start thinking about the positive things I could be doing instead.

    Right now I'm fighting a battle within myself, the one voice is saying " its okay, a little here and there wont hurt you", and the other is saying "come on man you know you're better than this!"

    I want to look back on my life in a few years and know I had the courage to beat this when I had the chance.
  2. Minsc

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    I believe you made the right choice in opening up, even if the outcome wasn't what you desired. That door is now opened up and you'll have an easier time finding new friends to help you with this issue. Seek out new friends, there's no need to change your current friends to change your self.
  3. Infrasapiens

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    People are stupid. Be proud of yourself for being on NoFap, just do not become a cultist.
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  4. Sam_ba

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    Congrats. You be probably helped him a lot feel better.
    You can come here tell us . probably we can understand

    Stay strong we do this together
  5. {Ananta}

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    My Journal
    one of my favorite actors opened up on his pmo addiction on his official youtube channel an claims he is on nofap now, terry crews, i cant imagine how hard that is, he has a wife hes a celebrity, but now i see him everywhere, tv show, americas got talent, hes going strong,

    CORAZZON Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the support guys

    I saw that a few days ago, it's always inspiring to know that celebrities are just normal people like you and I.
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  7. nofepfepforlife

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    Typical ignorance. Ignore ignorant people.
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  8. iLoveRain

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    What a stupid blind friend you got. ( sorry but its true)
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  9. moulox

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    You should pay no attention to this friend when it comes to this matter imo. People characters are very different, he may be terrific for hanging around or watching football together, but don't expect everyone to understand what you are going through especially If he lacks the empathy or he is too much concentrated on himself. E.x. I chatted with a friend of mine who I meet with perhaps most often than all my other friends and when I told him about feeling that stomach tightness and losing 4 kg's in a month he went like "Meh, so what, been there"... Didn't even bother continuing and telling him the trouble and actual problem I'm facing
  10. SuperiorMan95

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    Why am I not surprised? Most people don't have the knowledge about the negative effects of porn. To them it's as normal as going for a pizza or brushing their teeth. A lion cannot concern himself with the habits of sheep. Stay on the path. We're counting on you.
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  11. ShyIIock

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    Hmmm... I also used to think PMO is normal. I got super lucky that I discovered a book about PM addiction and then it opened my eyes. I think that problem is not in individuals but in society. In media noone tells you that watching P is bad - in many cases you can hear "experts" recomending PMO to relieve stress... Im 100% sure that in most cases, when you tell someone about PM addiction, people wont think its a problem. Only a few is aware of this issue and knows what it does.
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  12. ProtagonistOfMyLife

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    you can not equate ignorance with stupidity. Even the smartest of us can be ignorant because they don't want to spend their energy or thoughts on certain topics.
  13. Capt. U

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    Hopefully as you grow in your journey your friend can see the change in you and realize that overcoming this will make a profound difference in your life.
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  14. Remember this, the majority of people are brainwashed puppets, slaves to their desires never questioning what is is they are doing, do not be that person, but the fact that you are on here tells me you are not, we are few but we DO walk the right path, matthew 7:13-14 says, Enter through the narrow gate For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.
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  15. letter

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    My Journal
    People tend to only hear what they want to hear.

    The metaphor for this would be to say that your friend is blue-pilled. They just don't want to have to face the truth that they are taking part in an act that harms themselves, contributes to the sex slavery trade and is essentially a legalized form of prostitution.

    Many of those girls are only acting like they enjoy it because they have to, that is what makes money. It's not enough for them to put their bodies on display, they must also hold their souls on display because so much of the heart of this is how we see a connection in their eyes and partake in the emotion of the act. The stress and pain this produces is typically accompanied by self-medication through drugs and alcohol.

    And in more cases than we may be comfortable admitting, it ends in suicide.

    Hope this helps you clear your head and encourages you in your reboot @CORAZZON :)
  16. Brown Boy

    Brown Boy Fapstronaut

    Dont Worry. we understand. And we all here to support.

    CORAZZON Fapstronaut

    Wow guys thank you so much for the support!!

    This is really encouraging, I haven't been on in a few days and I really sincerely appreciate the push from you all to stay on this path.
  18. DingDongKingKong

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    The best way to fight is to excersise your body overall and go to the gym. You'll be healthier and less interested in fapping
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  19. DingDongKingKong

    DingDongKingKong Fapstronaut

    Jerking off definitely isn't normal. Once in a blue moon is understandable but all the time is a no . We'll all have this problem but free your mind and practice on skills that will progress your life and not suppress your life
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