I overcame my fear of approaching girls (2years NoFap)

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  1. I understand. This willingness to always want to improve ourselves Can indeed be both something that can contribute to your fulfillment but also something that can destroy you from within.

    Wanting more and more is a way of reminding us of what we don't have. We do not act out of love for ourselves, but out of need. And that can be very dangerous.

    It is important to let go and realize that whatever happens, we are complete as humans. This ability to let go is as important as the will we put into our actions.
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    Very inspiring story. Despite being 22 you have grown a lot just by how you express your thoughts. I can tell you have a bright future ahead of you. Happy belated birthday. Cheers.
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    You've done great for yourself. Good luck to you in pursuing your dreams in life. And thanks for sharing!
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    This is great! Inspired!
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    Very inspiring!
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  6. It means a ton. thank you man
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    Such an inspiration! Thank you! I really felt everything you said.
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  8. I really appreciate you sharing your journey with us. Your store is a true inspiration for all of us here starting our journey. I too would identify with how you described yourself growing up. You give me hope that im on the right path and that I can reap the benefits of conquering my fears. Thank you sir and keep on pushing!
  9. Thanks a lot. You can do it!
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    Thank you for the post man and thank you for taking time out of your day to help and motivate people who need it the most.
    Thank you a lot!
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    Well said. Well done :)
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  12. Thanks man, this really picked me up! All the best :)
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  13. Well, you're right. This did inspire me! Even though I'm at a different stage of life, I found it motivating. Thanks for sharing it. Congrats, man.
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    Completely loved the simplicity and honesty from your story,

    Straight to the point and aspiring as hell

    Any good resource that you have for talking to girls or flirting in general? Some sort of information that you would say, "oh, this is the real deal"

    Looks like you know what you are talking about

  15. Thank you man, it means a lot !

    If I had to sum it up, it would be:

    - Take off that mask that's preventing you from being authentic. If you're different than when you talk to your friends, it's not normal.
    - Accept any situation that comes your way, even if it hurts.
    - Accept the fact that the whole idea of getting out of your comfort zone is to lose control over what's going to happen. So don't try to be good. The moment you take action, you win. Focus on doing it rather than "how to do it".
    - Don't take action out of want or out of need but out of love.
    - Separate your thoughts from what you need to do. Don't let your thoughts define you. Most of your thoughts come from limiting beliefs.
    - Have fun. It's the only thing you can control.
    - Challenge yourself every day and try new things.

    I can't give you advice on what to say to a girl, how to flirt and stuff. Simply because there's no answer. There's no magic pill. You are who you are. The most important thing is to be consistent with who you are and your values. If I were to give you advice on what to say to a girl, when to propose a first date, when to kiss a girl etc., it would be very superficial and there is simply no answer.

    From the moment you meet a girl, there is no more theory. On the other hand, there is plenty of advice to take concerning our relationship to fear, how to take action, limiting beliefs etc :)
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    Amaaazing, loved the part about not letting your thoughts define you, fuck limiting our own beliefs.

    Will add your answer to my personal journal,

    Keep it cool man,

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  17. Awesome. This is great advice for social anxiety in general, with all kinds of people, even outside of situations of attraction. At parties, at work, in a store, in formal or casual settings, you name it.
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    Thank you for sharing.

    Your story is inspirational. At such a young age you were very mature to take action to improve yourself. It is admirable!!
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    I read the entire thread. This was inspiring.
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    "Your worst day on your purpose will always beat your best day off your purpose."

    What a beautiful quote. I loved reading your story. Very inspiring. Congratulations on starting your manhood in such a powerful, healthy way. I wish you a long, happy life.

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