I personal addictions and the way i view them and what i believed was causing them.

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  1. my name is Rick Samuel Nava I am fifteen years old and I was born and raised in the northeast side of El Paso Texas, however I am currently living in corpus Christi Texas where I attend high school. Any way at the moment I am suffering from several addictions which will be listed below

    P.M.O-addiction: at the moment I managed to momentarily halt the habit by completely removing any access to the internet from my domicile (my home/apartment) so far I gone five days in hard-mode. hopefully nothing will prevent my progress from moving forward, I have reasons to believe that using my phone at home was a major contributor to my pmo addiction, fortunately for me I completely disabled my phone.

    lethargy: recently I've been very lethargic and I found it very difficult to attempt to complete homework I was given, not to mention any tasks I asked to do at home, I believe that my lack of motivation is the cause of this.

    Television addiction: so yesterday I binge watched television for a total time of 7 hours, this shocked me when I realized I wasted a lot of time doing absolutely nothing and siting on my ass and watching stupid TV shows that are likely to never benefit my education or my success in life. I believe my lack of responsibility is to blame because if I was more responsible this predicament would never occur in the first place.

    finally I can conclude by saying that these are the habits that are very problematic and are causing a great disruption in my well being, I am going to improve these over time.
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    There are two types of lack of energy that a person can experience:
    exhaustion - resulting from over-work
    inertia - resulting from under-work

    Most tiredness is inertia rather than exhaustion. It's why we wake up in the morning and don't want to get out of bed. It's why we spend hours at the computer not motivated to go and do other things.

    So how do you break inertia? Simple, by working. The moment you get up, force yourself to do just 1 pushup. It only has to be one. Once you've done that pushup though, force yourself to do a few more, then a full workout for at least 5-10 minutes minimum. You'll find that after you've got your body physically active and started working, instead of being lower energy like you might expect - suddenly all your energy reserves are there for you to access and you're actually high energy all day now.

    I had major problems with this and now I workout every morning to resolve it, and have high energy levels all day.
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    @Rick Samuel Nava, I think you've answered the question for yourself. The "R" word scares most people. Being responsible to ones self requires that you be accountable, motivated, directional. Most would rather blame an outside force or look to and outside force as the cause of the problem. It's in the mirror.

    Rick, (that's my name too), you're very young, but not too young to have a plan for your life, set some goals that might just be a bit over the top. If you wake up each morning knowing that you are headed in a certain direction you will jump out of bed, ignore the porn thing, and move like your life depended upon it... by the way... it does. Do some soul searching and ask yourself where you want to be when you're 50. What does your life look like? Where do you live, what do you drive, what do you do, what do you own? Then begin to work your way backwards from there. Think about the things that had to get done when you were 45, 40, 25, 20, 18, 16, tomorrow to make that dream come true. It may make a huge difference in your lethargy and your motivation.

    Good luck, keep up the good work. For a 15 year old you've got a great start recognizing your issues.


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