I preffer to be alone than with a woman I dont like? Only being observed by ugly girls?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by RamboErecto, Aug 25, 2019.

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    So you know, im a quite good looking guy. You know, tall, slim, my theets are ok, I dress well, algo I like to use creams and perfumes, I take the proper care of myself.

    There are a couple of bad habits on my life of course: Smoking, eating bad, sleeping bad, dont doing too much exercise, dont meeting new people too much.

    I dont put that bad habits as a barrier, since lot of people have it and they dont have problem atracting woman.

    But oh well: I use this dating apps and I find that I dont like the girls that gives me the likes. Im stucked, and I will be honest, direct and maybe egoist with the next word (can hurt some people) but I want you to understand me: I dont like fat woman, or ugly woman. Im supossed to go and get the girl I want by mentality, plus I see normal guys dating nice ladies and that is normal (you dont need to be beautiful or have a lot of money to date a decent girl), but I still being choosed only by ugly/fat woman.

    And now Im thinking that maybe I dont deserve it, maybe Im not too good looking, maybe my life Is a mess. Not sure what the issue is

    In any cases, id like to know the reason why the nice girls are not hiting on me so I can fix it.

    I tried multiple times to have sex with girls that I dont like too much, and I didnt like it.

    I really enjoyed the oportunities that I had to have sex with girls that I like, and it was amazing to me, fixed me, almost like a cure.

    Now is more or less a year and a half since I had sex last time. I know that I can have some, but I dont like the girls that wants to have sex with me, they are way fat or way ugly.

    Im not an nonconformist, they are quite in the last leagues, I worked hard on myself the last years and I want somewhat a normal girl I guess?

    Looking for a point of start.

    Of course, discard the NoFap thing, since im already working on it.

    Thank you for read.
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    I know the feeling. Nothing more to add really. Great username.
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    I know exactly how this feels. Good ones are already taken. The ones that are decent to look at just seem like they aren't on the market. Ugly,fat, ones seem to only be left, especially those with issues that turn everything in you off! And those are the ones that fight to get into your pants. They think they are hot and up to your standards. They just don't see that they aren't good enough for a high value man. If you are beyond out of there league, they're predators for you.
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    Still leaves us with the immediate problem. What is to be done here? Remain celibate?

    I can't I guess.
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    The thing is worring me is what im doing wrong to dont deserve a decent woman.

    Im not sure which defines the sex appeal of a person, i guess?

    Also money will make it easy, but lots of mens are sucess even without money.
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    Was actually being curious about this myself, also had this experience that only when i would go on apps like badoo on tinder in the past, only the ugly ones were more interested in me or worse, the single mothers.
    Then again, the ones that i would find attractive would be arrogant, cold and mean, i guess its because they have lots of penises to choose from already ESPECIALLY on this apps. ;)
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  9. You're making the mistake of confusing your own personal goal and journey of beating P, M and/or O with trying to attract a partner and/or remain desirable. The two aren't as closely linked as you would probably believe. Focus on yourself and getting to something like 90 days before you start to care about how other people think of you. You're adding unnecessary complications to the mix here when really you should be focusing on your own journey.
  10. Change this as well. And you will get the better girls. It is not enough to be just good looking. You have to exercise if you want to meet new people and women. And of course, you have to consciously choose the people you meet.

    How do you know that? And why do you care? Do not compare yourself with other people, compare yourself with who you were yesterday.

    Wrong! Stop using Apps and go out in the real world. Fix your issue with not wanting to meet other people and you will no longer need the Apps.
    There were studies about that and it is a very common issue. Listen to that:
    1. If you show 100 pictures of different women to a man he will say that 50 of them are over-average attractive and 50 are under-average attractive (that makes sense)
    2. If you show 100 pictures of different men to a woman, she will say that 15 of them are over-average attractive and 85 are below-average attractive!
    On Apps like tinder, all guys compete for the less attractive women, Paul Joseph Watson did a nice youtube video about that. You won't get the high class women on an app, because they are not there. And high class women will not come to you, unless you are the President, Elvis, Usain Bolt or some other absolute Alpha.
    When a woman is attractive, like those you're looking for, then there are several men PER DAY, dancing around her, wathching her, trying to impress her or to invite her for a coffee. She has the choice! She does not need to go on Tinder. On tinder you will find those unattractive ladies who are not chased by men, and they are forced to do the first step.
    So, here you are man, and there is no way around it: fix your issues and start hunting. You will be refused by many, and this is part of the game, and totally OK.

    Don't make things even worse as they are. Don't go on things you don't want. Work on yourself, go out there, climb the hierarchy, you will have more and better choice.

    Yeah, this is great, hah! Wouldn't it be great to have that all the time? Put the effort in.

    It's a first step to ditch the ones you don't want, becaue having nothing is actually better than having something horrible. But it is still nothing. No get your hands dirty.
    And stop smoking, this is horrible, high class women hate that. For non-smoker it is horrible to kiss a smoker. The women you're talking about can easilly get a men who is good looking, working out, success in the job, not smoking and taking care of them, why would they trade off?
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    Yeah, something like that.
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    I think you should first try to get to know the other person you are going to have sex with because comfortness also play a big role. Get to know the lad maybe she is beautiful on inside and when you know the other person outside beauty matter a little less it matter but it can also be ignored and also Experiment. You never know what you will like or whom will you like
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    I guess I kind of relate. I'm not an attractive guy, but I always had to deal with girls that I'm not interested in dating. It's usually that they have bad personalities or that they want to be very dominanting/want to bully you into a relationship, and they try to make themselves seem to be the exact opposite that bothers me.

    Even now I have this girl who I never met or spoken to, claiming that I was friends with her and wanting to be in a relationship with her. I
    She was in my math class last semester, and she surprisingly in my math class this semester. She even tried to follow me home several times, and I had to drive to a police station and hold onto the horn so that she would stop following me. The cops wouldn't really do anything, so no luck with that. I don't know why she is following me around and claiming that I am her boyfriend to other people, but it seems like she isn't mentally stable or isn't taking a hint that I'm not interested in her. I even slammed a door in her face, and she still wants me for some reason. It's not because of her height or weight (6ft and approximately 300lbs.)or the fact that I don't find her physically attractive(I'm not really into fat women either, but I will overlook that if the personality is right.) , but more so that I observed her behavior and it seems like she has mental issues. Literally I overheard her conversations with her friends, and she talks about a lot of sexual things said "Why can't SilentJay313 see that I'm the perfect woman for him?! Why won't he talk to me?! Why won't he get this pussy and marry me?!". She tries to make herself seem like a nice and friendly person, but it seems way too fake to me. This is enough to tell me that something is wrong with her. But of course this isn't the first time I had to deal with someone like this. It just seems like this time I'm dealing with a real crazy person. Hopefully she'll leave me alone, but I don't think she will. I don't imagine that this may end well, unless she finds someone else to follow around.
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