I probably have used my penis way to much. Heres my story. *** Possibly triggering text ! ***

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    Ok... So ill try to be as candid as possible. I am looking to see if anyone has a similar story as me. If you do please comment and tell me how things turned out for you.

    About 5 months ago(((January 2019)))) I made a grave mistake. I masturbated 3 times in a row. Not 3 times with hours in between. I climaxed 3 times in a row. After each climax i may have waited 1-3 minutes before I started jerking again. After the 3rd time I could physically tell that something was wrong. My Penis felt very stressed. My penis veins bulged. My urethra felt very sore. I went to sleep. Woke up the next day and my penis was extremely flaccid. It felt ultra soft. ( probably what you would describe as dead dick) This scared the shit out of me. I immediately tried to get an erection. I found that i could still get an erection. But the erection was not as strong as usual. And my penis felt sore. My urethra was verrrrry swollen.
    ((((Sexual history)))): I was VERY sexually active. I am not the case where I'm the kind of guy who is afraid to talk to women. I am not the kind of guys who needed to jerk off because i could not get real sex. I would jerk off religiously before i went to bed every night no matter what i did throughout the day. Unless I was sleeping with someone next to me, odds are i was gonna jerk off. I have had sex and jerked off later that day/night on numerous occasions. Prior to this event I had a suspicion that my penis was being over used. When I say I was very sexually active i mean VERY. (I'm an attractive guy apparently). I would have sex on average 4-6 times a week. I would masturbate 7-10 times a week. This has been the case ever since i was about 20-22. To make matters worse. When i did masturbate i looked at porn a good 95% of the time.
    Month 1-3 (January-March)
    Very shortly after the incident I noticed that my penis would alternate from the Ultra soft flaccid state. My urethra was still extremely sore. To the hard flaccid state. The base of my penis felt "stiffer" than usual. Veins were alot more visible than prior to the incident on one side of my penis. During the first 2 months of this i still continued having sex. I noticed that I came much faster and i could not keep my erections for nearly as long as i was accustomed to. ( I used to be able to keep my erections forever) After the 2cnd month of realizing that my penis was not healing nearly as fast as i wanted to: I started looking for solutions. 3 months ago from today is when I first came across NoFap. This is something that didn't seem like it would work for me because it would be an entire life style change. Mind you.. I used to look forward to getting home and searching up my porn. Didn't matter what kind of woman i had sex with recently. They didn't stack up to me being able to select exactly what i wanted to cum to. It didn't matter who was available. I'm pretty sure i was addicted to porn. (i may still be).

    The beginning of March is when i decided to go on my first "NoFap binge". It is also the first time i have ever been to a urologist. About 2 weeks into my first NoFap journey. I went to the urologist and he told me that nothing was wrong. he told me to have blood tests done but whatever i was experiencing was psychological. (((Based on what i've read and experienced.. im really starting to think urologists are all quacks))) he told me that since i could get erections there was nothing to worry about. I went a full 31 days without orgasm. At this time i could tell that my penis felt a little better than when the incident first happened. Then i decided to masturbate. Felt great . Came a TON. It didn't feel like i had further injured myself when i did. But i felt like i probably should have not done this just based on consistency. (I did not watch porn) I decided to start another NoFap streak.

    At this point it was the beginning of April. My penis felt like it had healed some. I'd put it at 40% of where I was prior to the incident. Some veins still bulging. Still some soreness. Urethra still pretty sore. I decided to start icing my urethra daily due to how sore it was. I kept up this NoFap streak up until this morning. (((May 20th 2019.)))) ( I did not watch porn)

    As of today my penis is not fully healed. But i can say that The hard flaccidness of it has subsided. I haven't been hard flaccid at all in about a week an a half. Where as i used to get hard flaccid every day. A few times a day. It seems like its returning to "normal" I would say at this point im at about 50-60% of where it was prior to the incident. Im starting another streak today. I have noticed that even just giving up porn has wonderful results:

    1. Time- when i watched porn it would be for at least 15 minutes a pop. I now sleep longer because i'm not wasting 15 minutes to an hour jerking my penis searching for the nastiest things to do to women.

    2. Energy- I can honestly say i have more energy. I work out a lot so this wasnt as apparent because I'm always sore anyway.

    3. Libido- I could tell even before the incident that i was becoming less and less horny. Now I feel like I'm becoming more horny throughout the day.

    4. Ambition- I feel more ambitious now that my goal for each day isnt trying to find the nastiest girl on porn hub/xvideos. Im looking into Stock seriously . Thinking of ways to improve my future.

    Even though im getting mild results im wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences.

    I'm still experiencing bad symptoms

    1. Erections are still not 100% I get hard. but i feel like it isnt as raging as it used to be.

    2. Still slight soreness when i get erections

    3. Urethra still slightly swollen. ( its much less swollen than it used to be)

    4. Veins still slightly bulging.

    5. Still get very soft at times. Not like when the incident first happens but i still have very soft penis from time to time.
    I have not watched porn in 3 months AT ALL. I guess I'm just wondering how long this will last. What are your experiences with this? Most interested in hearing from people who have experienced hard flaccid/ Ultra soft penis
  2. Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your story.
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    Your penis is fine. Trust me, I have been stressing for months about something perhaps being wrong with my dick. Just like you, I sometimes fapped multiple times after another with few minutes in between the sessions. My penis felt sore after a couple of sessions as well. But this is normal I think. I would also notice muscles near the base of my penis to become tensed. I experienced a sore urethra as well, but all my symptoms subsided within 2 days. But everybody is different and it could be that your penis reacted more heavily on the inflammation process. Whereas for me it only took a day, it took longer for you.

    I also thought that I noticed changes about my penis, but I found out it was all in my head. These 'changes' were just things I never really noticed before or didn't give 2 craps about yet. For example, I have a very prominent curve in my penis, and had successful sex multiple times, but one day stressed about it all out of nothing because I read about curved penises on a forum.

    And don't forget that your erectile quality drops really hard during the first phases of NoFap, as well due to stress. Every time you check your erections out of stress and fear, you are really setting yourself up for failure. When stressed, you will NOT get an erection, even when in a healthy state.

    And regarding your urologist. They are disregarding porn addiction as a cause for ED, that is true, but they do know when a penis is broken physically. If you told them your true and full story, and they were like 'it's all in your head', they actually mean: 'I can't think of a physical cause, so it must be in his head because I don't even know what the f*ck this NoFap nonsense is'.
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    Welcome and thanks for sharing

    +1 That's true. All is in your head.

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