I reached 90 days... Can't even believe it

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Truegamer007, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Frankly, I never thought I'd see this day. 90 days. 90 days no PMO. 90 days since my last relapse. It's been months since I took the decision to stop fapping my life away. A decision that, and I'm not even exaggerating, changed my life. For the better.
    I'm 20 kilos(44lbs) lighter than I was. My wardrobe has never been so cool. My hair, oh god, I used to hate it and keep it short. I love it now. I stopped eating like a monster and eat more like a human. I discovered the joy of exercise. And rediscovered my love of reading.
    I can't not mention friends. I've made new ones and grown more appreciative of my old ones. Truly, connection is the opposite of addiction.
    I found God too. Or rather, re-found him. I'm a regular at Sunday mass now. He helped me get through the most difficult times.
    As for the reason I started NoFap, I wanted a girlfriend, but I wasn't boyfriend material. Am I now? Maybe. I'm definitely closer than I ever was. I'm more of a man now than I ever was. However, getting a girlfriend is no longer my primary concern. I've found my path again, found the goals that I had abandoned when I got too deep into PMO. I must achieve them before anything else.

    That's enough of my successes. Do I have any advice? Well... Yes, I suppose. Remember your why. Remember why you're doing it. Burn it in your head. It can be any reason. You want a girlfriend, you wanna turn your life around, you're tired of the double life, anything. But it must be strong. Your why must be stronger than PMO. If it's not, you'll never succeed.

    Have I rebooted then? I don't know. I still have urges. They aren't as strong as before, but they exist, lurking at the back of my head, wanting to break out. I don't know if they'll ever go away. Constant vigilance is a must. You slip up once, you give your enemy the advantage.

    About 90 days. Don't get cocky. If you think you need to tough it out for just 90 days, guess what. You're WRONG. You need to be tough your whole life. Life isn't easy. But you don't have a choice. You gotta live it. You're gonna die one day. You don't get a choice in that either. What you do get to choose is if you'll live good and fulfilled life or a shitty one. That's up to you. You want the former, you gotta work for it. But guess what, a tough life is the only one worth living. Easy is boring. Ask anyone who plays video games.

    What next? Well, I'm gonna live my life I guess. Good luck to you in living yours. :)
  2. Hey buddy, good post. Appreciate it! I'm posting after a long time. i have fallen off track for a long time. Want to stick to Nofap now onwards. Planning to journal daily from today. Day 0. Its always about getting up and going when down and broken.
  3. Congratulations to a fellow 90-dayer :)

    I'm 20kg lighter too and actually enjoying jogging and going to the gym - something that was unthinkable 3 months ago. NoFap is goals as trendy young people say ;)
  4. Congratz with the 90 days :)! Amazing. Hopefully I will reach the 90 days this time.
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    Nicely done TrueG, way to be a role model for the rest of us!

    What’s 190 going to be like?
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    Appreciate your post man, I've had alot of similar benefits on my streak and I hope to hit that milestone in a couple weeks. What I always remind myself is it's not about the streak, it's about beating this addiction that we all have.
  8. Truegamer007

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    Twice as awesome :D
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  9. congrats on 90 days...very inspirational too
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    Thanks! I'm glad you feel that way! :)
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    Tbh, I always think I can never get to 90 days, but don't know why I have a strong feeling this time that I can achieve it. Thanks for this post man.
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    You'll get there! Stay positive and don't let go of hope.
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    Hope to join you there in three months, man. Hope you're real proud of yourself; you deserve it. Glad to read that it's had such a positive effect on your life; it's great motivation for me to stick with it. Peace.
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    You now have the control over your life....stay like that...stay strong , champ!
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    Love that. “ connection is the opposite of addiction”
    Well done!!!!
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    It sounds like your life improved a whole bunch
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    incredible, your story is inspirational!
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    Congrats! On day 25 now. Kind of feeling the urges again for the first time since starting this run, but I went on here for inspiration and I certainly got it!

    Keep up the good work.
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  19. Truegamer007

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    I'm overwhelmed by the responses! I'm so glad my story is a source of inspiration for people. No matter where you are right now, Day 60, Day 5 or even Day 0, don't forget that you have the capacity to beat this addiction. All you need to do is give your all. Your all is enough. Don't lose hope even if you relapse, just stand back up and continue fighting. You may lose battles, but that don't let that stop you from winning the war!
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  20. I love your success story bro. You Make me believe that reaching 90 days ain't a myth :D wait for me I'll be there soon

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