I read this article about why fapping in moderation might be good. Thoughts?

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    Do you think this is bullshit or there is some merit. What if one goes back to masturbation and but can control.

    Masturbation is like going to the gym for your penis. Of course, only good masturbation is good for your penis! The two-minute-quickie is actually really counterproductive to good erectile health.

    You will be amazed that once you start training, how much more pleasurable masturbation becomes, and best of all, how much better partnered sex becomes! Masturbation as physical therapy requires a good lubricant (I recommend Coconut Oil), time, and a good workout technique.

    At least twice a week, set aside 30-45 minutes for penile physical therapy. Take time to stretch out, warm up your whole body with a quick self-massage, then gradually begin to focus on your penis, stretching it gently, massaging it before it gets erect. Stimulate the entire pelvic region. Don’t just do the usual fist-pump technique, but change how you touch your penis frequently. Keep strokes slow and controlled."

    The site NOfap didnt let me post the link for some reason. But its on privategym dot come.

    (granted they are selling us something)
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    Maybe for some people masturbation in moderation can be good. I don't ever think it can be "healthy" - ie I don't think there are any actual health benefits from masturbating - but for some people masturbating every so often probably won't do much harm. I also add that I would speculate the older you get the more spaced out masturbation sessions should be, but I have no science to support that, it just makes sense to me.

    But for PMO addicts like ourselves, I think generally speaking we will never be able to masturbate healthily. You can probably experiment with this and I have no doubt that after a period of abstinence some people will be able to healthily reincorporate masturbation into their lives without going back to porn. For me, however, masturbation always leads either to porn or porn fantasy. Because of that, I'm never going back to P or M. Any time I O from now on will either be with a partner or during a particularly raunchy dream.

    As for the views of NoFap itself, I've always thought the name "NoFap" was a little bit of a misnomer. NoFap LLC is not officially anti-masturbation.
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    I'm someone that can't get excited rough to MO without porn, because I would anticipate any thoughts and imagery I come up with.

    It's a bit like drinking in moderation might be healthy. I don't know that it's worth it, and although I may get away with drinking since I don't have a background with alcoholism I know people with an issue. It's also pretty weak benefits. If I'm going to use drugs that may have benefits I would not go with something weak, and not something where you need to keep doing and have to gave steady access to which is suspiciously convenient for dependency.
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    I see it like this:

    -If you achieve a full E with no porn, and thinking about someone you like, you should be fine, but still, don't jack off to P. This is a great indicator that you should be rewiring as your rebooting is complete.
    -If you only can get erect with P, cut it now, both P and M. You need to reboot and rewire
    -If you can't get erect with both p and real partners, you need to start PMO asap
    -If you have been M in a wrong way (prone, death grip), but can get an erection that way while thinking about someone you like, you should cut both P and M, but only train yourself to regain a lightgrip after 1 or 2 weeks of PMO, which is what I might do in the future if the flatline doesn't start there, which I'm afraid it may happen.
    -For any case, I recommend some kegels, like 2 or 3 times a day, 4x10 sessions.

    Also, it is ok if you both reboot and rewire from the beginning. Just make sure to be really into the sensations with your partner and not fantasize about P during it.

    Edit: A fellow user told me that he managed to overcome both pied and prone M habit by just doing no pmo for a while and having sex with a real partner. The thing is, do what you think it might work best for you. As for myself, I don't want to be a monk, but I'm currently desensitisized and I have to overcome prone M, so P is the only thing I'm cutting from now on.
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