I realize I have a problem

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by nhguy32, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. nhguy32

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    Hi everybody.

    I am new here, but a friend of mine suggested I join after having ED problems and mentioning to him that I can spend 4-5 hours watching porn a day if I am not careful.

    I have been with my wife for going on 17 years and about 2 years ago started having ED problems which led to me having performance anxiety for a few months as well. I had no problem fapping and maintaining an erection by my self watching porn. But when it came to sex I would get hard and only keep hard for like a minute or two.

    I do have high blood pressure which can lead to this problem too, I typically take vitamins on the weekend to help with the blood flow and stay erect. This works 99% of the time and I dont have a problem.

    That being said though. My wife is at work today and I just spent 4 hours watching porn online. I only came once, but still sucked away four hours of my day. I also find myself looking at porn on my phone at work.

    I realize I have a problem and want to change. I know I can overcome it.

  2. feo1966

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    Best of luck to you. Consider reading some of the success stories for idea
  3. nhguy32

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    Thanks, I will do that.
  4. PornTSD

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    Kudos to you for reaching out. Your wife is fortunate to have a husband who is willing to look at his behavior. As a partner dealing with her SO's porn abuse, I can tell you that to rebuild trust, telling the truth is your only option. Shame is not your friend in this process.
  5. I Free I

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    Hey, Consider putting some porn blockers up on your computer and having a hobby that you can do or work on when you are not busy... the problem is "time" and the time you have to spend 4 hours on the computer screen rather than using that energy somewhere else .

    The Truth Will Always Set You Free .

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