I really don't understand how I haven't found a girlfriend yet.

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by zxcv, Apr 12, 2017.

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    "Women seem to love douchebags." That it's half-true. What women like of douchebags is that they give them a lot of emotions, when a women is with an idiot her emotions are like a roller coaster, sometimes they feel great with him, but suddenly he ignores her, he is bad with her and she wonders why he so bad. At the end they could get addicted to those changing feeligs and that's the ilusion why men who treat women bad flirt more than a good guy. BUT at the end girls will not look for a long relationship with a douchebag unless they are one. So if a girl goes with a douchebag SHE IS NOT WORTHY OF YOU

    zxcv first you have to make some new habbits. If you don't succeed by doing that. why by repeating the same habbits would you get something different? What we have here is a concept call "comfort zone" in psychology, your brain makes "imaginary paths" when we do something that we know it takes much less effort to do that task, but when we do something different the path doesn't exist so our brain "prefers" not going that way because is harder. People who used to get out of their comfort zone are not afraid to changes and experience new things. What I recommend you is to try something different that you always wanted. For example in my case I'm going to dance classes and you know? It's great! The first days I was feeling like an odd guy, but the more I go to the classes the better I feel there.

    And don't forget that if you want to atrract someone start by creating a person that attracts yourself.
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    And most girls regret it.
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    I've yet to hear a girl tell me she regrets it in person but I have seen some look ashamed about losing their virginity at a young age, a lot of girls can be pressured into having sex young and others is just their sex drive.
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    you probably havent had a gf because your into studying, like me, and probably deep inside you actually didnt want one till now, i am 20 and in the same boat as you, im christian and i go to church, i have had some oportunities wich i think that if i would of put some more effort into i would of had a gf, but deep inside i actually didnt want one, because i really want the bachelors degree, i think its important to have a job first, then the chick, so basically thats what has stopped me from actually wanting to enter into a relationship, i study a lot for tests, so i understand how it feels, the studying does eat some of your life time, i like computers, and programming is one of my fvourite hobbies, but from my experience, programmers can get a rough time went it comes to girls, because its a profession where you dont go out to much and use computer a lot, wich the grand majority of girls arent attracted to, because they think where nerds and computer heads haha, im not saying all girls dont like programmers im just saying that it isnt that much of a thing that works for attracting nice girls, but everyone is diferent, in my case, i dont even care if i dont get a gf now, because i want to finish studying first, during this time i just watch movies and have fun plaing video games, and programming and doing things i like, until, i finish studying, but getting a girl isnt really that hard, i tryied it for the first time a year a go(i was eager to test how i would be), and i was in my nerdiest state, i had never done anithing to get a girl to that point, i would play video games and program almost all day, and watch animes a lot(sao was one of my favourites) but i started reading tips and ways to get one, and tried it and it actually has effect, i got to the deciding point where its just simply moving a little bit forward on the tactics and you get the girl, i got to this point many times just to see how it was but at the end i always left things at low key and not engage in anithing because deep inside i actually never wanted anithing, so all i acn say now is, Cheers man!, because your getting a bachelors degree and related to programming wich is one of the most payed professions in usa, so now all i can say is have fun, all these years of studying, now start having fun, i dont know your situation(if your living with your parents or not) but getting a job and moving out to living on your own is a good start point. If you like animes and video games, then i highly recomend you reading one of the best novels, "ready player one", its great, it actually gave me tips on getting to a girl, and its super fun to read so just give it a read

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