I really hate to get expose to EXTROVERTS.. yet I`m supposed to go to COLLEGE

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Well, I`ve been gone through many weird and crazy stuff on my life, I dont have enough time spill out all of them, so let me be concise of my CURRENT problem..

    I was born with couple of physical deformities, yet I`m a fully functioning normal kid, had no mental issues, actually I`m really fond of learning and possessing knowledge.

    since my childhood had plenty of aspirations (most of them are manifested through fantasy and not practical) such as starting up my own TV channel, making music videos (yes i know they`re litreally stupid)

    2016 was a gamechanger of my life, I`ve met mini disaster at my hometown due to heavy rainfall and floods.

    we didn`t get influenced of it, yet it`s one of the vivid memory.

    although, I`ve started my own gadget reviewing blog, I was fully determine to get succeed and promote it as much as I could. unfortunately I proned to severe pain and illnesses caused due to prolonging the treatment and ailment for my physical disability

    so undergone couple of surgeries, and I was bedridden upto 2017 dec, from 2018
    I eventually got recovered and started walking as a normal person..

    once I`m out frmo my bed I had gone through reading and searching ton of articles regarding psychology ("learning about behaviour, motivation", impulse, addiction, paradigms and so on) since I was affected by internet and mobile phone addiction..

    after acquiring couple of knowledge and advices I eventually overcame almost all sort of addictions.

    I started leading happy and peaceful life right after adapting to healthy habits such as meditation, reading books, learned online tutorials regarding web and android development..

    when I`m about to start my own business in 2019, I got struck into the commitment of pursuing a college degree

    Yes I know, college degree is not that relevant to the job that I`ve chosen, even though due to compulsion of my parents, I wanted to join (forced to join)..

    let me come to the REAL PROBLEM, I`ve joined college at age of 25, but typical age of my classmates are only around 17-19..

    this thing itself makes me feel cringe, also my callmates are wont talk to me as they do with other person..

    I really hate when others showing me mercy for my physical condition, even if they not meant to disappoint me..

    here are the things I really hate about going to college. It nearly takes 45 minutes to reach to college, I really getting pissed off by the travel..

    the curriculum and lessons that have been thaught in the college are not that great, they`re very poor, I wont even consider it as KNOWLEDGE, they litreally teach us how to use MS Office and MS Dos in 2019!!!, even kids knew it these days.

    one of the intolerant nature of my college is, all of the students in my classroom are 100% EXTROVERTS.. they will be gossipping, shouting, making fun and noise in general..

    even teachers gets tired of them.. I really cant tolerate the cultural shift hence I was spending my whole life time in seclusion..

    I haven`t went to college on regular basis, due several reasons, mainly i feel overwhelmed by surrounding by Extroverts, and curriculum was very poor..

    but I couldnt convience my parents, I also told them about pursuing degree from home. It`s useless..

    so give me some tips to deal with 100% EXTROVERTS..
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    I remember going to trade school back when I was 25, never went much anywhere before that. Back in Jr. High/High School I didn't have many friends and never went anywhere. Rural/farm kid. Going back to school was way out of my element. I felt like a 15 year old in the body of 25. All I can say is to make the best of it and keep working on improving yourself. "Dealing" with extroverts is the wrong way to look at it. They are people, socialize with them and improve your own social skills. I assure you, these kids are still sorting their own lives out. No doubt you won't see them again once your done of the program. Keep moving forward. Going back to school was one the the best things I ever did, even if it was stressful and I'm not currently working in that field.

    SREENII Fapstronaut

    don't bother them seriously..you are going to college not to talk with extroverts,but to take a degree..when i was studying in my college i had severe unknown shyness and fear to look at the girls in my classroom and never talked to them..many times i thought to discontinue the course..but i never quit..now i'm an engineering graduate..and those girls actually considered me as the most respectful,humble person in the class..our mind will create several excuses to quit anything good..but don't quit..stay in that discomfort and implement new strategies to overcome that temporary discomforts..the success will be yours...btw are you from chennai??
  4. Submariner

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    Hi Zilion,

    I am a 17 year old boy who is suffering from a burn-out (for those of you who don't know what this is; you maintain a constantly high stress level until the point you mentally and sometimes even physically can't keep up). Although I have the same age as my classmates, going to school gives me the same uncomfortable feeling as you are experiencing. Maybe you could have laughed about the the easy 'classes' but because you are constantly stressed, it irritates you. This doesn't contribute to your wellbeing.

    I consider myself an extrovert person but when you are slighty different than others in school (in your case your physical condition and age and in my case the burn-out) young people tend to feel confused and don't know how to act amongst you. To maintain their own safety, they ignore you. I hope you understand that they have nothing against you personally but just lack social skills.

    Here are some tips that might help you out.
    1. Act like 'the older guy'. Make a comment sometimes about how childisch some of their conversations are. Don't do it in an agressive way, but tell them about how it is to be grown. (you have your own business, so do I, and people tend to find this very intresting). You can also try to start a conversation about booze, gambling, politics, driving a car. The things that most 16 - 17 year olds like to talk about. This is hard to explain, but I hope that it's clear to you.
    2. Be open, especially about your physical condition. I know this is very hard but it should help you. Extroverts admire people who have absolutely no problem talking about anything. This way, they will see you as a stable, confident and social human being.

    Goodluck! With a bit of training and some time, you will feel more comfortable in class. I promise.
  5. Minsc

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    Definitely focus on the degree. Still, taking some time to chat with them is no harm. Social skills are a necessary part of life.
  6. Zillion

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    They are also the people, but I wonder how come they could be so careless when comes to productivity or academics..

    They`ll always prioritize having a conversation, gosipping all day long..

    Yes I`ll really appericiate the power of networking where it plays crucial role wqhen comes to business and making brand awareness.

    but "socializing" is not that helpful for either making money or living a comfortable life (atleast according to my preferences and personality traits).
  7. Zillion

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    Okay, according your opinion I`ll be hitting college on a regular basis, why not get expose to talking with people?, let me build some endurance over EXTROVERTS! :p

    but I think classroom (in general) is not an ideal place to study..

    I`m not kind of shy or feeling scared to talk with people, of course I`ll get stressed out if I supposed to engage in small talkish thing.

    but, I really love to talk, but not as people always intent to do.. I`ll be talking in a seminar, or in any kind of public speaking.. but chatting about movies and gossiping its not my thing..

    Yes I`m from Chennai, how did you know that?, will you speak tamil?

    SREENII Fapstronaut

    you give a small hint from your thread that you are from chennai..btw i'm from kerala..

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