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    I have been trying to quit for over 2 years now.

    My main triggers are basically my phone. Its an android, Oppo brand, so it basically will not respond to any parental software apps and I have it in my room as I use it more than my computer because I don't like to use my computer to click on untrusted websites. Its also easier to turn my phone on as I need to start up my computer if I want to use it. I also have my phone in my room to set alarms.

    So, how do I use my phone less if at all? If I eliminate that then I might have a fighting chance but otherwise I don't know what will help.

    I should share that I am a convert to Catholicism and for the past two years it has been the norm for me to go to Confession for masturbation every week for the past two years. I have even literally fallen like three hours after coming home from Confession.

    I have addicted for close to ten years. I started when I was 13 and I'm 22 almost 23 now.

    Two weeks back I really felt God (sorry for those who aren't religious). I watched a video on Saint Philomena (I won't go into her story) but her story really hit me and then next morning (a Sunday) I felt amazing and I just wanted nothing more than to pray and I went for about twelve days without (that's one of the longest times for me) and I felt amazing. Unfortuanely on the twelth day I was hit by a huge urge and I fell. But now after falling, its like I'm in this ditch again. I want out but every time I try to quit I get images of the videos that I watched in my head just constantly and I eventually just can't take it anymore and I give in. I really need help. I can't do it on my own and I don't know how to make it stop. How do I quit?
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    My brother in Christ, you can overcome this. I recommend read a book called everyman's battle and Surfing for God. These are good Christian based book for men having porn issues. The books teach you how to control your eye, for the eyes are the windows to your soul. Your your thoughts, because we move in the direction of our thoughts. These two will help us control our actions.

    Also about your phone get rid of it. I know that's not as easy to do in today's world. But if you can buy a phone that you can put controls on. Put your phone in a different room at night, buy an alarm clock. Do a 30 day fast of electronics. Only use your electronics in the company of other people. Call your internet company see if they can block stuff on their end.

    Be free, because Christ dead for your freedom and you are no longer a slave to sin, but you have been bought with the blood of Christ.

    All the best on this journey.

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