I Really Need to Stop compulsive Lying

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by meanbean70, May 13, 2018.

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    I have always sort of known that i am a compulsive liar but told myself it was for my own good because it helps me find ways to advance conversation and come up with interesting things about myself. The truth is that it really doesn't. By lying, i create unnecessary stress and shame for myself and deceiving people even about simple things like little fake anecdotes is wrong. My life may be pretty boring and i may be a loser, but lying about it to myself and others wont change that. So today, i am making a pledge to myself to never intentionally lie again. Sometimes i lie just by habit even though i don't want to and i am going to try to change that too. I have never in my life made a real effort to be an honest person so i am sorry to say that i am very inexperienced in telling the truth. So if anybody has any tips, that would be great. What I plan to do to fix my behavior is this:

    -Be more conscious of my words. Think before i speak.
    -Ask myself if i am being honest before telling a story or fact.
    -Find ways to intentionally tell truths to build up a habit of it.
    -Never plan to tell a lie for any reason. Even if it may hurt my image.

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