I relapsed after a year and keep relapsing

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by SwoleAndKetoBoy, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. SwoleAndKetoBoy

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    I was clean for 400 days and then relapsed (3 months ago) since then i always keep relapsing after a week or two..
    I just relapsed again with porn and orgasm.
    Help guys, i feel like shit again
    I felt amazing this entire day and now that i fapped again it got worse. Worst relapse I've had today
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  2. User55

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    I’m also wondering if i make it (90 days without pmo) shouldn’t i return back to fap b?
  3. Might_Stag_Beetle

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    You broke a 400 day streak, that's sad bro. Real sad. But your relapsing because you jumped right back into the habit. You gotta put your dick in some pussy and get your nuts off from that. Those 400 days weren't wasted. Mental toughness bro.
  4. Hey bro, it's amazing that you sustained 400 days clean. It's an achievement and shows your ability, and I'm sure if you could do it then, you can do it again. I understand it must feel extremely discouraging. I also relapsed recently after a 90 days streak. The few days earlier last week were miserable for me as I relapsed repetitively. But now I'm back and determined to reboot stronger. Remember it's a stumble and not a fall. So looking forward to seeing you return and reboot again. You can do it man!
  5. Sami77

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    Sounds like you tried to change but after 400 days u couldn't, 400 is just a number nothing more nothing less, find urself and ur purpose, why u tryna get rid of PMO? Ur answer to this question will be the walls u put to protect ur castle, start building walls for life not for another 400 days, u r pro now:)

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