I relasped because I have no shit to do

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  1. I'm mad as fuck , I don't wanna repeat a day like this, I wrote a to do list and litterly its LOOKING LIKE THIS, it's 2week vacation:
    1.study for school
    2.get a book from the library and read that
    3.go do your workout , gym
    this is it litterly, so I fucking relasped I had one shit to do inside, and that was studying
    but then I added a new one which is
    .4.listen to music

    If you can helpme out tnx, and pls don't tell me to learn a new language or play games because that shit is the same as pmo , escaping reality, and basically I'm getting desperate, mad as fuck is gone

    Also the reason I havnt gone outside for the past 3days , is because my legs are broken I ran 12k without breaks, I smashed that shit, and my arm and legs are broken

    update,: I'm drawing my life, and every thing I dow needs details or otherwhise we be lazy, tnx for that guy that told me that, god bless you
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  2. Ongoingsupport

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    I'm not going to tell you to do anything but if you're taking a foreign language class it is also studying for school, not exactly like playing games.

    Since it's Christmas the library is probably closed, so maybe go to the gym. I find sometimes you just gotta get your ass outside first.
  3. I can't be 24/7 outside and I told you my list
  4. Ongoingsupport

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    Yeah and I'm just going by your list, if you made it to the gym cool but if you didn't it's just a reminder. I mean you made a post about it what do you want from people? I'm replying to your post. You can probably check Nofap on your phone and also listen to music outside. I'm saying to get outside to get going not like you're going to stay there, and once you're out of the house maybe it's easier to go to the gym.
  5. yeah my arms and legs are fucked, I ran a 12k without logic, I gone night in the rain, And I didn't had running shoes on, I fucking made a huge mistake
  6. Ongoingsupport

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    When'd this happen? You see a doctor or anything??
  7. I have to rest, til it gets better........, I litterly done dumb shit after that
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    The fault I see in your goals is they are very unspecified.

    For example: study for school,

    What are you gonna study?

    How long are you gonna study?

    When do you wanna start studying?

    Why do you wanna study?

    It seems dumb, but you need all of these things in there, otherwise you will simply not do it because of the lack of order.
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  9. your totally right, I'm actually now drawing my life, drawing every solution

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