i remember being acutely lonely

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by going up, Dec 29, 2018.

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    i remember being acutely lonely... before pmo got my full attention. about the age of 15. i was masterbateing then but i still had a full range of feelings. so i was sensitive to others that were lonely and i would go talk to them. ..to her. i'd start a conversation. id ask her to dance. in short, i stepped thru the fear of rejection . i took risks. and i was rewarded for it. at 17 i joined the usmc and pmo became a self administered salve to cover the wound i had given myself. yup. the military likes masterbators. it enables that behavior. the DIY mentality. mother fuckers. cheap booze, cigarettes and porn. i got out in 94 before the internet porn industry became a conduit of smut into every barracks. cold hearted mother fuckers. i continued acting out with porn right up to 12 days ago. ive let go and i let god. fact. i tell the truth of it. i admit my errorious ways. i own my shit. i flush my shit. im detoxing my mind right now. its good for the soul. i am improving this angels mind/conscious contact with god. : ) sue me.
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    Why should we sue you? We are not here to fight or debate with you. We are here to help each other

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