I stopped dating American Girls

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by iceman40, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. iceman40

    iceman40 Fapstronaut

    This is a cool little post and I would like to share this with all men who are suffering with the dating life. I have traveled to over 30 countries and thus I can tell you with 100% certainty that American girls require too much work. I don't want to bash the girls in this country so I will tell you about how it is in other countries.

    Women are down to earth, take care of their man, and know their roles in society. They are super sweet and yes if you piss them off they will get angry but not for every single thing. Most are humble and nurturing, know how to cook, know how to listen and tell you a wonderful story that makes you want to listen more.

    For years I was working on how to become a cooler, sexier, richer, and so on person to attract the American girl. After so many dates with the girls here, some sugar babies too, I realized why am I doing this? Why am I going against my grain to fit in?

    Every time I travel I shit you not, I met lots of expats living abroad. Last guy I met was a personal attorney and he just finished a divorce and had to pay his wife $5 million. He was in Costa Rica and was enjoying his time with such a cute and sexy girl.

    I have made a commitment to myself that I plan to live abroad and find the right girl because here it's not worth my time.

    For anyone who is having a hard time finding the right girl here, travel abroad for a couple of weeks and see for yourself. The only challenge is you need some money to travel.

    No disrespect to the guys who have amazing American women in their lives.
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  2. As an American women, this is incredibly offensive. Everything you described in paragraph 2 describes me, as a wife, and many of the women in my American family. I realize you said "no offense" at the end of your post, but sorry, that doesn't take away how offensive these generalizations are.
  3. ifthisislove

    ifthisislove Fapstronaut

    Having just come back from travelling in China for a month, I can agree with this 100%.

    I watched a documentary once on how American guys move to Brazil to find a woman who will look after them in the way you've just described and when they come back home, they get so depressed because they can't find an American woman who will treat them in the same way.
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  4. iceman40

    iceman40 Fapstronaut

    I fully agree. Years ago I did my externship in Thailand. I had 3 college girls friends and they all washed me in the shower. I did not ask them and when we got into the shower they started washing me. In America you have to wash them. lol
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  5. Again, this is just a bunch of generalizations and everything you said in your second paragraph describes me and all of my female friends and family. You're just not meeting the right American women. Feel free to move on if you want, that's your choice, but don't lump an entire nation of people into the mere dozens that you happen to know. It's very narrow minded.
  6. This kind of a statement is directly telling me that I (and all of my American friends and family) don't have real spark and love in my heart, I don't know about life and death, and family values mean nothing to me. That's incredibly offensive. Generalizations are good for nobody.
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  7. IGY

    IGY Guest

    Why are you so touchy Steps? Why make this personal? He also said there are...
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  8. I've already very clearly explained why I'm "touchy" about this incredibly offensive thread.
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  9. IGY

    IGY Guest

    It is not offensive.
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  10. The |E|volutionary

    The |E|volutionary Fapstronaut

    While I don't want to descend into Happier Abroad/MGTOW/Red Pill nonsense, I will say that most western women (with an emphasis on American ones), are exemplary of what the OP describes. There are good ones, but they become rarer by the day. Personally, if you find this offensive I'd take that as a sign his post applies to you (whoever got upset over it). I'd take an introspective look at myself before I continued on. That's just me though.
  11. I wasn't just talking about myself, as I've said in all of my comments. Essentially every woman I know, which is a lot of them, is just as wonderful and has all the qualities OP described. I just find generalizations to be narrow minded, and as an American woman with a lot of American women friends and family, I didn't appreciate being told that American women aren't worth sticking around for. If everyone decided to buy into that, yall would be missing out on a lot of beautiful and amazing women. But hey, I guess they're better off anyway.

    Clearly I'm the only one who finds this offensive, though I can't imagine why, so I'd appreciate leaving me out of the conversation now. I didn't come here for drama and to start fights. I came here to stand up for myself and the amazing women in my life.
  12. I Free I

    I Free I Guest

    Hey "stepsreborn" , well at least you admitted that your extra touchy about this subject and we should understand that your being a little sensitive about it but with all due respect, the man is right. American girls are more high maintenance, easily bored (meaning they love drama for no reason) , and statistically shows they are more likely to cheat with their spouse. NOW i will say that most american girls love their husbands (speaking on good relationships) as much as any female in any other country... they just usually show it differently. Please don't be offended about what he said, although I'm not into american girls either (I'm just into hispanic girls so don't be offended about race...just in case) I have a great amount of respect for american women and all women in general. hope you understand, peace.

  13. You should all feel lucky I don't dump a mental shit ripping all your posts to shreds here.

    Have a nice day.
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  14. This.

    Peace bro.

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  15. Aces

    Aces Guest

    It's not like Iceman40 said all American women are bad. At the end he clearly acknowledged that there are guys who are with amazing American women. I think he's just venting on how amazing American women are the minority within the US and not the majority. I think Steps might have missed the logical conclusion that if she is like the women in paragraph two of Iceman40's OP, then by Iceman40's outlook she is one of the amazing American women.

    Other than IGY, am I the only person who sees that?
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  16. My only point is that I think it's unwise to judge any entire group of people based on a few, or even a majority. We should all be judged as individuals. If you have a mindest that most American women are high maintenence, you're going to bring that biased judgement into any encounter you have with American women. You're pre-judging people. And to be clear, I'm not being "touchy" or "sensitive" about this just because I'm an American woman. I would feel the exact same way if this post was about British men, or men in general, or black men, or whatever. I think it's unjust and unwise to judge people in this way. If you disagree with me, that's fine, whatever. But I'm not going to change my opinion that this isn't a good way to view a group of people.
  17. overclocked

    overclocked Fapstronaut

    Just to have it clarified: with "American" we are talking about US American, right? If not please tell.
    I think most of us do judge every person individually, but we are free to "pre judge" any person based on another ones actions. It's survival instinct and since group mentality and peer pressure are strong forces your judgements can be quite accurate most of the time.
    And with that I think you agreed that the majority of (US?) American women are terrible people. How else could guys come up with their judgement if it's not experience?
    If someone is different, he/ she must prove him-/ herself to be different. Let the good women put in effort and show that they are good. For starters showing sympathy for us and our problems instead of silencing us would be really great.
  18. This is so absolutely ridiculous. I'm not allowed to stick up myself without people claiming that I must secretly be compensating for something? I'm disgusted that a woman can't stand up for herself without these kinds of accusations.
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  19. Star Lord

    Star Lord Fapstronaut

    To everyone who is talking down on 1st world women who don't act or do everything you want like the 2nd and 3rd world women.

    Start being real men who RESPECT women not EXPECT from women.

    Got your attention?

    I highly doubt you will read this. But has it not occurred to you that you are just men? Your not gods. Get off your high horses and you do the cooking for a change, or you do the listening.

    Have you wondered why 1st world women don't want anything to do with you?

    You prefer the "love you long time" girls who only care about a quick buck.
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